#SpankAtoZ – M is for …

M is for mound, or maybe mons.

Pubic mons, the mons Venus, pubic mound…. I’m not giving an anatomy lesson, you know where it is.

Does it matter what you call it?

Smack it, not too hard, not to kind, something happens.

Tender flesh, easily excited.

A small rhythmic spasm began at the tip of her clitoris and she concentrated on the actions of his hand to help her deliver her climax. As she came, Jason removed his fingers, raised his palm and slapped her straight on her excited sex organ. His other hand smothered her cries as he spanked her. Teasing sharp smacks, delivered with no relief between blows. (Soon to released – Judged by Him)

Not all spanking is about the twin mounds, the posterior.

Other surfaces offer up their vulnerabilities, temptations and responses.

After the mons, maybe the mammary glands…. Another M.

For me, the bottom has it. Writing about other kinds of spanking adds a little variety, but the shapely behind, bent over, is the winner.

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