#SpankAtoZ – O is for …

O is for onomatopoeia

Spanking is a physical activity. You can visualise the squirming victim, the rise and fall of the implement, the flesh turning a different shade of colour. Then throw in the emotional aspect too – fear, excitement, sadness or fun – a picture appears in the mind.

soundsWhat mustn’t be forgotten is the sound of spanking. The rich array of words which conjure up the nature of a particular spanking scene – frantic blows or leisurely swipes, soft cries or wailing.  Onomatopoeia – words that mimic the sound or action it refers to – are descriptors that provide a wealth of vocabulary for spanking stories. Whether they refer to the action of the spanking Top or the responses of the spanked bottom, such words add a layer of richness not to be forgotten.

However, too many onomatopoeic words tossed about willy nilly and the spanking starts to resemble the cacophony of a percussion section out of control, but removing them altogether and a whole sensory perspective is missing.

Here are some onomatopoeic words related to spanking.

argh, bawl, chortle, flick, groan, growl, guffaw, howl, moan, ouch, pitter patter, shush, screech, sniff, snap, smack, slap, slither, squawk, squeak, swoosh, thud, thump, thwack, ugh, whack, wallop, wham, whimper, whip, whoop, whoosh, yelp, zap.

Any others?

From Driven Wild:

Thwack! The noise reached her ears just before the sting and she let out a yowl of pain.

“One,” said Rick. “Try to keep still.”

“I’m trying,” exclaimed Leah, perching on her tiptoes.


Wherever they are in the alphabet – join in the fun.



“I’m trying,” exclaimed Leah, perching on her tiptoes.


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