Spanking Challenge A-Z – P is for…

P is for…

I had lots of thoughts about P. Some significant others, less so. Various words popped into my head: paddling, pinching, pain, pleasure and so on.

I’ve a lot on my plate today. So I’m taking a pause.

That’s my P – pausing.

The moments in life when you have to take stock, a deep breath and battle issues you’ve ignored.

A vanilla day for personal events and maybe a little writing, doing a splash and dash kind of post.

It’s okay to step back and see the bigger picture.

Have a good day!



2 thoughts on “Spanking Challenge A-Z – P is for…”

  1. It’s a very sensible thing to do, to take the time to pause. To wonder what is really urgent and important enough that you have to do it today. I wish you a lazy day!

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