#SpankAtoZ – Q is for ….

Q is for the Quickie

Sex? Spanking? Actually, I think many things in life are snatched moments.

The hot beverage slurped down during a break.

A power walk around the block for some elusive fresh air.

Dashing out for the pint of milk and fresh loaf of bread.

Singing in the shower.

But yeah, let’s be honest, the real quickie is fun, especially when you should be doing something else 🙂  Those frenetic, feverish gropes. Up against the wall or perched on the spinning washing machine, knickers around the ankles, lips colliding…

Life is busy, the thrills are few and far between, grab them when you can – the car, the kitchen table, the shower, the garden shed….

A quickie from Taught to Serve

taught_to_serve_fullCasey gasped when he yanked her head further back. Ignoring her offered lips, he lowered his own to brush against her exposed neck, inhaling her tantalising scent. Up to that point, her hands had been gripping the edge of the desk behind her in a futile effort to hold her body immobile. Now she brought them to her front and sliding them between the two nestling bodies, she was seeking out his shirt buttons. Rob could feel her fingers frantically moving against his belly. The stiff buttons were not budging for her trembling hands.

Rob’s lips made contact right next to her jugular, and he sucked on her taut skin. The pinch of his mouth on her neck was strong, and she pushed up on to her tiptoes as he drew her closer. Her hands then gave up on the task of unbuttoning his shirt. Instead they rested on his chest, gently clawing at him. He liked the way her long fingernails scraped through the fabric onto his skin.

This post is a snatched one, life is a little hectic, words stabbed out on the keyboard between errands.

Now and again, time as to made for the important leisurely side of life. Hope you find that time soon!



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