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rack-vert175pxR is for Real-life

A2Z-Logo-C1-300x198Real-life spankings (though this post could apply to any aspect of BDSM) are not the same as fantasy. The flogger gets caught in the ceiling fan, the paddle falls apart mid-spank, the cane snaps, a kid’s voice can be heard through the bedroom door, your mother rings, the postman knocks…. Those are the practical elements. Then the emotions might go wrong – the mood isn’t established, the pain too much, the tears excessive or fail to appear. It all depends on where things are going and why.

I like to add a little reality to my fictional spankings by mirroring some of those events. The handle snapping off the hairbrush, the doorbell ringing. A little suspense and plot twists, but really, a spanking should be uninterrupted, and lead to a natural end-point for both parties – a cuddle, sex, corner time – depending on the dynamic of the couple involved.

Fantasy is just that, make-believe, unreal.  It sparks the imagination, allowing the reader to escape. It isn’t a manual for how to do it.

Tomorrow will be a cover reveal day for my forthcoming book – Judged by Him. It is pure BDSM fantasy. However, I do try to portray believable characters, even if their circumstances are embroiled with unlikely events and situations. I don’t care if real-life isn’t as lavish and eventful. It’s fun to write. Fun to read too, I hope.

Here is a teaser….


“We’re eating out. When we return, I’ve decided to spank you.”

Gemma, resting on the bed, jerked her legs. A sense of foreboding rushed through her. “Why? You said you wouldn’t punish me.”

“It’s not a punishment. I wish to spank you. Let’s say it is to re-establish our dynamic in its proper place.” Jason loomed over the bed.

She opened her mouth to speak then thought better of it. He had used the word spank. Jason rarely requested a spanking. His preferred style was to tell her which implement he would be using and it gave her an idea of his intentions—a whipping, a flogging, or a caning. Spanking could mean anything and left her uncertain. She slumped in despair, failing to see any erotic enticement in his wish.

Jason, upon seeing her deflated appearance, insisted she had two re-invigorating minutes in a cool shower. She didn’t find the shower refreshing. Consumed by thoughts of her impending spanking, she failed dismally to find excitement for the evening’s events.

Couldn’t he have told me after the meal?

One word echoed in her head.



Dungeon crawlers….


Spanking challengers….




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  1. We have had the phone ring, knocks on the door and implement breakages. It definitely doesn’t always go to plan in real life lol.

    Great teaser! I can feel her anxiety. Congrats on the upcoming release!


  2. If only real life were more like romance novels… although, I do like to put some real life stuff in books, it adds humor.

    Congrats on the upcoming release! I liked this snippet, you have me squirming in anticipation right along with Gemma.

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