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Welcome to Saturday Spankings Blog Hop and Spanking Romance’s A-Z challenge.

I’m up to the letter U.

U is unusual things to spank with…

I’ve assumed the hand, paddles, canes, whips, crops, floggers – are not unusual.

Blondie's Paddles
Blondie’s Paddles

There are many skilled artisans who can make rather beautiful looking implements. It’s a shame these creations have to be hidden out of sight. You can commission painted wooden paddles or hand stitched leather ones with patterns, like pretty roses. Unless you have an excuse for hanging up riding tackle, your crop isn’t going to be on display. A dragon’s tail doesn’t belong above the fireplace and could a flogger be passed off as a decorative wall hanging?

The advantage of unusual implements is they are often lying about. Unassuming objects brought into play at a moments notice. The kitchen utensil drawer is a good example. Full of lovely ready made spanking tools: wooden spoons, metal or plastic spatulas, whisks, frying pans… meat tenderizers…. okay maybe going too far. If you fancy a trip out, there is the hardware store, with paint stirrers, wooden dowels etc.

It is important to assess the safety aspect of a spur of the moment implement. Ensure it is fit for the task and not going to cause unnecessary damage to the receiving posterior.

In my recently released book, Driven Wild, Rick relies on what he finds about him.  He can be quite inventive.

Rick and Leah are having a lovely day on the beach. Walking along the dunes, Rick has been hunting for a suitable implement.

“What is it?” she asked.

He held it up. A piece of greying wood, broad at one end and thin at the other. “Driftwood. Probably off a pallet or something similar. I’ve checked, there aren’t any splinters and it’s pretty solid. It’s not going to snap on you.” To prove a point, he smacked it against his thigh a couple of times.

“I’m not sure, Rick. It looks… nasty,” said Leah. She might have been too eager for her spanking.

“It’s quite light. See?” He handed her the driftwood and she had to admit it wasn’t a plank; it was two feet long and four or so inches wide at the maximum. It certainly had little weight to it, considering its size.

“Alright,” she said nervously.


Set in Liverpool during the Swinging Sixties, a spanking romance tale…..


drivenwild_fullWhen Leah Andrews’ father hires him to be her chauffeur, Rick Wilde finds himself drawn to the feisty eighteen-year-old even as his patience is tried by her immature behaviour. At last Leah’s rudeness and bad decisions force him to intervene, and he takes her over his knee for a good, hard spanking—the first of her pampered life—but neither of them are prepared for the powerful attraction which follows. Rick knows she needs time and space to step out on her own two feet without him there to interfere, though, and he breaks things off before they go too far.

After Leah’s father dies three years later she returns to her wild ways, and before long her license has been suspended for reckless driving. To her shock, the chauffeur the agency sends is none other than Rick Wilde, and she soon learns that he remains more than ready to bare her bottom and spank her soundly when she needs it.

His firm handed correction brings her lust for him back with a vengeance, and she quickly discovers that he can bring her more pleasure in the bedroom than she ever dreamed possible. But when danger from one of Rick’s past jobs becomes an imminent threat and Rick needs Leah to leave Liverpool until things are safe again, can she bring herself to obey him even though the thought of losing him a second time is more than she can bear?

Publisher’s Note: Driven Wild is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Available from :

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Take your pick… somebody is waiting for you to come along and visit.

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