#SpankAtoZ – W is for …

The home straight for the A-Z challenge and back to the theme of spanking.

W is for Warm-up


A quick stretch to the ceiling, a run around the block, a few press ups, deep breaths and you’re ready for what’s to come.

Or do I actually mean …

The precursor to a spanking, the warming of the bottom. Preparing those sensitive nerve endings and helping those endorphins out.  If you don’t get one, it’s a bit of a shock!

A short and sweet spanking story…


The finger taps on the lap.

My cue.

I saunter over, swinging my hips, peeling the elasticated waistband of my panties down a fraction.

Another finger tap, more urgent. He’s a little impatient, so I slow up. Now he’s frowning and I respond with a sorrowful pout, as if I’m sorry, but I’m not really. It’s a pretence. He sighs, shakes his head and folds his arms across his chest.

“Do you want a warm-up or shall I just get down to business?”

Oh my. Do I dash over there, fingers fumbling with my panties, pushing them down briskly, over my round bottom, down to my knees. I waddle a little as I stand to one side of his lap, then toss myself over, reaching forward to grasp the legs of the wooden chair, stopping myself from falling off. He obliges my dramatic change in pace by looping a leg over my thighs, pinning me into place.

A cool hand rests on my back, gently rubbing up and down. I’m panting. A burst of activity, merely seconds long, has sent my heart racing and my skin tingling.

“I take it you do want a warm-up?”

“Yes please, sir,” I say quietly, no sign of my sassy side. I bite my lip. My buttocks squeeze together tightly, tensing up. The belt lies just to his side. If he picks it up, it means no warm-up and it will hurt like crazy.

I fidget, crossing, then uncrossing my ankles. I lift my head, trying to peer over my shoulder. His hand pushes me back. Peeking isn’t allowed. The other hand, the roving one, has slipped between my cheeks, prising them apart and he examines me. I feel the skin about my face heat up. One finger runs down into my slit.  He mutters something.


“Hussy,” he leans over, hissing the word by my neck. “You’re already wet and I haven’t even started.”

I try to squirm, embarrassed. His leg coils tighter, restricting me further.

Rustling sounds. He’s twisting his body about, moving and I cling to the chair legs. I know next to the belt, almost out of reach, is the vicious wooden paddle. How I hate that paddle. I wait. The minutes must be ticking away, or perhaps they are only seconds. I can’t tell. His hand his back, probing and teasing me. Spreading my juices around my rounded lobes, he chuckles.

Please, please. I implored, not the paddle, not the belt. Warm me up first.

It’s his game. I’m the willing player, but he sets the rules, the timescales, the duration. I can’t swagger my hips at him now.


I nod, a tiny movement.

“I can’t hear you.”

“I’m ready. Sir.” I gulp, try to relax and keep still.

Smack!  I don’t yelp or cry out. It wasn’t that hard. Rather like a love tap, but sharper with more sting to it. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. It’s a hand. It rests there, rubbing and then smack, another one lands on my other cheek.

“Oh, thank you, sir,” I say with sincerity.

“My pleasure,” he says.

I let go, push my bottom up to meet his slaps.

I can forget about the mean paddle for a while. Just a while.


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Spanking Challenge A-Z
Spanking Challenge A-Z


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  1. Here was I thinking I’ll do a few A2Z’s before bed, and relax and get a good night sleep, Forget that, I’m all alert now. Hot little story. Sensual, teasing.

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