#SpankAtoZ – Z is for…

Z is for Zorro

Phew, made it. My A to Z completed with a swashbuckling man in black tights.

zorro zAs a child I watched the black and white TV version. I loved the flick of the blade as he carved out his ‘Z’ on some hapless victim or wall.  The rearing horse with it thundering hooves storming across the countryside. A Robin Hood type hero, helping the downtrodden and crushing the oppressors.

Movies have been made and books written.  I especially enjoyed Isabel Allende’s novel Zorro – a very different take on the story.

Of course, he looks sexy. Black clothes, flowing cape, the horse whip, sword and the mask. It would seem all one most do is cover the eyes and then you become anonymous, the unknown hero. (If you are superman, you simply need a pair of spectacles)

I wouldn’t describe myself as a hero, but I do feel unknown. I wear a mask and I wish it were different, but that is my choice.  As an author I elected to use a pen name and with it I slip on my mask.

zorro chickI suppose I’m not really hiding, more of a case of being selective about what I reveal, which means my writings contain, buried within them, my fantasies. That is quite a confession. I strive to keep my identity secret while writing about intimate things, explicit sex and kinky activities.  It’s tempting, some days, to run away from it all. Shut up shop and pretend this isn’t me. However, I’m not alone. There are other authors and more importantly readers. If we stick together – yes, we are under attack from some quarters – and keep our integrity, I’m sure those fantasies will remain written.


A big thank you to Celeste Jones for coordinating the spanking challenge.

Adios and Zippety do Dah – have a wonderful day.





5 thoughts on “#SpankAtoZ – Z is for…”

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge Jaye! I enjoyed all of your posts. Don’t think I could have done it.

    You are definitely not alone, as both authors and readers many of us wear a mask. What I love about this community is the way we stand together and support each other.


  2. Congratulations! You got all the way through your A to Z blog challenge! I understand that feeling of wearing a mask, both as an author and, frankly, as a woman in this lifestyle. And yes, it is our choice, but it’s still wearying.

  3. Congratulations Jaye – you did it and I enjoyed reading all of your posts even if I didn’t get around to commenting on all.

  4. Excellent post and thought provoking about the mask. I agree, it is a choice, but not always ideal.

    Thanks for taking on the A to Z Challenge and congrats on making it to Z!

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