WIP it Up – Exploring the Sensual

WIP33A new blog hop.  Thank you to Melody Parks for starting this blog hop. This theme is Works in Progress. Now, I do have plenty of WIP, all at different stages and rather like a rough diamond waiting to be polished, they’re not the finished product. WIP means it is fluid, changeable and in a constant state of flux. I poke, prod and re-write until I think I’m getting near the final version. As a consequence, what I post on this hop is unrefined and because of this (and I don’t want to reveal too much pre-launch), the extracts will be short.

I have a book due out towards the end of the year. Currently it sits in an unpolished state. Here is a little taster.


They had recommended she be shaven first. Tania didn’t want to do it herself, so she had asked if they provided that service. The reply had been a sweet, “yes, ma’am.” It added to the time, but Tania understood it would heighten the experience. Then she had asked if orgasms were permitted. “Yes, ma’am. Naturally, we aim to give you a full release if you’re capable. It isn’t the purpose of the massage, however, if it helps with tension.”  The conversation over the telephone, prior to her appointment, had been seriously uncomfortable though conducted discreetly.

Tension. Tania was screwed tight inside her loins. How would anyone open her up, she did not know. There in the waiting room, Tania tried hard to look inconspicuous and normal.  She did not want to appear like some freak of nature: an unattached, sexually incompetent woman. Crossing her legs neatly and keeping her shoulders square, Tania decided to go for the sophisticated executive look. A woman with the money to treat herself to a little erotic relaxation. 


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