#WipItUp – The Wedding Night

Today’s WIP comes from my new book Alice and the Colonel. A Regency spanking romance set in the Derbyshire Peaks and the heroine, innocent Alice, is about to be deflowered by her new husband, Colonel Edmund Seymour.



The door opened and Alice sprung up as if she were one of Edmund’s foot soldiers.

He stood by the door, shutting it behind him and looked Alice up and down. A small smile crept over his face making her blush. He remained in his uniform, as he had done throughout the day’s events. In the church with the sun shining through the stain glass windows, he had looked especially dashing.

With one hand, he undid his sword belt and tossed the weapon on to a nearby chair. Then he unbuttoned his collar, removed the ornate silver gorget, which protected his vulnerable breastbone, and loosened the white cravat about his neck with a sigh of a relief.

“What do I do?” whispered Alice, embarrassed by her ignorance.

“I shall undress you, my dear,” said Edmund. “That will be a good start.”

He approached and circled about her trembling form, a finger flicked her hair and another lifted her chin up so she could see his eyes. Exquisite grey eyes and a narrow nose adorned his handsome face. Everyday, Alice’s fascination with his appearance grew in appreciation and delight. He maybe over a decade older than herself, but it didn’t show in his physique nor were there lines about his face.

Crouching down, he took hold of her ankle and lifted up her foot. Balanced precariously, her hand reached out to the bedpost to find support. Seeing him crouched below, his sturdy back and shoulders bent over, she re-directed her hand, bringing it down to lean on him. A strong man, she felt the firmness of his frame beneath her fingertips and even through the thick fabric of his jacket. The touch quickened her pulse.

He slipped her feet out of her flat shoes, which he placed under the bed. “There, such dainty feet,” he commented softly.

Her trembling hand slid off his back as he rose up. He seemed to tower over her. A whole head taller and as he gazed down, the heat emanating from his body induced even stronger palpitations. His hands brushed against her sides, climbing higher until they found her shoulders. The sensation sent a tingle of shivers down her spine.

With each passing caress of his hands, she had a crippling sense of losing control over her body. How did he do it? Barely touching and with only the penetrating greyness of his eyes, he rapidly sent her spiralling into an unknown place in her mind. A secret haven of desire had been unlocked by him and she craved to have him closer, pressed against her body and something else. She couldn’t put her finger on what exactly her body needed from him only that her sex seemed to be the epicentre of her yearning.


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21 thoughts on “#WipItUp – The Wedding Night”

  1. Jaye! You left the best parts out! I’m sulking over here now. You’re a tease!
    I admire how careful and tender he is with her, and how you portray her feelings to the reader. All that pulsing and feverish desire in her core… but then you leave us there… hanging. *pouts*

  2. Oh, beautifully done! I love historical romances and this is the first time I’ve heard of a gorget… I’m intrigued enough that I’m going to have to have google it 😉

  3. I’m now wondering what it must have been like to face into your wedding night, back in a time when such things weren’t discussed. You capture the innocence, excitement and nerves all so beautifully.

    • I doubt the lower classes were ignorant, but who would explain it to a young well-to-do woman and I don’t think Cosmo was around in those days 🙂

  4. I definitely experienced her uncertainty with him. He was an unknown quantity to me, too, and when he first entered the door and tossed his sword down, I wondered if he meant her good or ill. Not all husbands were considerate in those days, and she was clearly an innocent. He’s also not encouraging much conversation from her, perhaps because he sees no need to discuss what is a given in his mind. Nicely done, Jaye.

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