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pinterestI have various boards on Pinterest. One has my covers, another my favourite images and then there is one for the Trust Me series and I’ve started one for Sublime Trust too.  When I do a little research for my books I often keep a few images to help formulate the words. The yacht Sublime is based on a real one that I adapted for my book Judged by Him. Other pictures are simply inspirational or capture the essence of something slightly intangible.

I wasn’t sure about sharing images when I first added them. I kept the boards private. What does it mean as an author to reveal a glimpse of how I see my books, even if the pictures I choose are rough copies of what I see in my head. You only have to look at the fuss over FSOG and how readers interpretations of their ideal versions of Christian and Ana to see the danger of letting words take shape beyond the page of a book. I don’t think to myself which actor would make the perfect portrayal of a character from my book. I might see the clothes they wear, but I’m just as likely to hear the sound of their voice.  I’ve yet to see an auditory equivalent of Pinterest.

Some images I chose Pinterest won’t accept. Whatever algorithm they use to detect sexually explicit material is rather unpredictable. I call my images artistically erotic.

I’ve a new board I’m opening up. This one will be about my favourite quotes. Initially from my own books but I will add those I like from other books I read. Rather like an images they are inspirational little snippets. Moments captured and held.

Here are some quotes from Trust Me.

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2 thoughts on “#Pinterest – revealing the #erotic”

  1. Hi Jaye, those are fantastic quotes! The images thing is tricky because as a reader you build an image in your mind from the descriptions given by the author and your own imagination.


  2. Hi Jaye, I like the idea with the quotes, and usually this is more than enough to get the film started. 🙂 The quotes you have are really great ones and they promise an exciting story!



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