#Wipitup – Back against the wall

Here we are again – ready for another Wipitup?

Big thanks to Melody Parks for managing this blog hop.

WIP33I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Callie, the clarinetist whose lesson turns into something a little different. You can find the post here. This week, things have progressed and she’s having to deal with Stefan’s increasing tendency to dominate. Does she mind?


He folded his arms across his chest and gave me one of those hard stares. His stern expression placated me immediately. Naturally, I melted on the spot. How could I be turned on so easily when I should be cross with him? Damn him.

I rolled my eyes at him and pouted. “Very well,” I said with exaggerated reluctance.

“Eye rolling,” he commented. “I think that requires a little correction.”

I shot an alarmed glance at him. “Little?”

He stood up. “Or would you like it be more than little?”

I backed away, clasping my hands behind my back. “Your father is home.”

He stalked me across the room. “You’ll have to be quiet. No screaming orgasms.”

Damn him! My pussy clenched on cue. I grinned and all the previous tension flew out of me at the thought of sex with Stefan. “You’ll let me come?” As if he could stop me. We both knew it was a game.

“Maybe,” he teased. As he backed me against a wall, he stopped and sniffed the air. “You’ve been swimming.”

“Your suggestion,” I reminded him.

“You haven’t showered properly, have you?”

I added sulkiness to my expression, dropped my chin and shook my head like a naughty child.

He jerked a thumb over his shoulder. “Right. In the shower and I will ensure you are thoroughly cleaned. Inside and out.”

I snapped my heels together and saluted. “Very good, sir.”

He rested his hands on the wall next to my head, trapping me. “You do know you’re heading for a punishment fuck, don’t you?”

“I’d thought I’d worn you out in the boathouse,” I whispered.

He shoved his pelvis against me. “Impossible. I’m hot for you all the time.”

I didn’t doubt it – his erection bulged in his pants. I crushed my thighs together, remembering how he had quickly found me out earlier in the day. “Upstairs,” he hissed in my ear, “and get undressed.”

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  1. This is a super hot snippet, Jaye. ‘Damn him! her pussy clenched on cue.’ <– adorable!
    I admire the chemistry this couple has and wish I were in Cali's shoes when he says, 'Impossible. I am hot for you all the time'
    I wonder though. Will she be able to keep quite once the spanking starts?

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