Things you may not know…. #amwriting

writing rulesSome things you may not know…. randomly arranged.

I write in A5 format because it makes for shorter lines and easy on the eyes.

I turn off white spaces between pages, I like to scroll and see what I write undefined by pages.

I hate white screen backgrounds. They dazzle.

I have the outline open in a separate window, arranged into scenes. I read a scene once then start writing. When I’m finished I come back to the outline and see if I’ve missed anything. Sometimes I go off track and let the writing decide what happens next.

music backgroundI listened to music. Not always. I prefer classical without words, so they don’t interfere. Other times, I need stimulus I pick songs. I don’t like silence, it echoes in my head.

I use an ergonomic keyboard – one of the weird ones where the keys are split down the middle. If I use a standard keyboard my fingers cramp. I can type around 65 WPM but not always wtih the rihgt splleing.

I carry a notebook and pen with me when I’m out and about. Due to the nature of what I write, I always sit in the corner of a cafe. People are so curious!

I cut my fingernails regularly. I’ve no idea how anyone types with talons.

I’m capable of writing 10k words in one day… and deleting 20k too. Do the maths.

emojisI like pictures. Sexy ones, but nothing lurid or pornographic. Sometimes they help, sometimes they distract.

When I read, I want to write. When I write, I want to read. Drives me nuts some days.

I’ve probably written a whole book in the car on a long journey and forgotten the lot. I doubt if it was a Booker prize winner.

I don’t just write erotica. However, that’s not for this blog.

My loved one knows. He’s very supportive and terribly uninterested in what I write. Does that make him my number one fan?

I really appreciate editors. I could never be one though.

I’m a speed reader, but I wasn’t trained to retain what I read, only to spot key facts.

writingMy favourite books don’t have to have a happy ending, but they do have to capture my imagination and hold it.


8 thoughts on “Things you may not know…. #amwriting”

  1. I enjoyed reading this Jaye, interesting to get an insight into your writing process 🙂


  2. Hi Jaye, I like your ideas about how to improve everything concerning the writing process.
    What you wrote about stories that you developed in the car and forgetting all again reminds me pretty much of dreams and maybe awesome ideas that you have before you sleep. In the morning they are all gone again. 🙂
    Since your husband is very supportive … and uninterested …, does that mean he is the neutral critic/reviewer? I mean, if he is not into your favourite topics of writing, maybe this is a big advantage because his point of view on your text is unbiased?



    • He doesn’t read anything I write, but he doesn’t discourage me from writing and publishing. Whatever is opinion on the subject matter, he keeps me supplied with tea and chocolate 🙂

  3. Very interesting to hear how other people write. I was interested in the ergonomic keyboard. Wonder if it will help my occasional RSI. Love Somerset Maugham’s rules for writing. I quite agree. If there were rules I would probably set out to deliberately flout them. That’s the way I am! Hope you keep writing, as I enjoy reading it.

    • I can’t use a standard keyboard any longer. The split keyboard allows your fingers to spread naturally, and keeps you wrists supported as the keyboard is tilted down, not up. If you touch type, it takes a little bit of adapting. It’s indispensable for me.

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