#WipitUp – An Extra Purchase

WIPimage12Welcome to this week’s Wip it Up – my work in progress – and recently submitted futuristic spanking romance set on a mining colony on a distant moon.  Last week I shared newly wedded Blake and Lysa’s trip to the colony store to buy essential implements.  This week, he’s made his choices and it’s time to pay.


Blake carried the cane and strap to the cashier. Lysa wanted to vanish into a black hole, but he insisted he stood next to her at the counter. The man behind the desk rose from his seat where he’d been lounging, eyes half-open and hands resting on his potbelly.

“Blake, man. Good to see you.” He slapped the palm of Blake’s outstretched hand. “And this must be the lovely Lysa I’ve been hearing all about. A stunner Yuri said, well, he’s right.”

The compliment was neither endearing nor insulting. Lysa detested the idea others discussed her behind her back, yet… she’d never thought of herself as attractive.

“She is a beauty,” confirmed Blake, squeezing her hand.

Lysa didn’t think her cheeks could get any warmer. She scuffed her feet on the floor, hiding her eyes from the men.

“And I see you’ve bought the newlywed choice of implements. No paddle?” He eyed up the objects on the counter.

“I’d like a wooden one,” announced Blake.

The shopkeeper whistled. “You are spoiling her, which one?”

Blake showed him and the two men returned with the paddle. Close up, it appeared thicker than it did in the cabinet. She gulped.

“You’ll be wanting these, too, I guess.” The cashier reached under the counter and brought out four cuffs with small chains attached.

Lysa stifled a cry of alarm. Shackles!

“Discounted for newlyweds,” offered the shopkeeper. He leaned on the counter, directing his comment to Blake. “All the beds have hooks in the corners. Ideal, you know…” He winked and stood up.

She went mute, unable to force a single sound out of her mouth. Blake paid for the lot, including the shackles, and she trotted next to him in silence as they headed back to the pod. She’d gone from disbelieving indignation to simple shock.

Once the door banged shut behind her, she expected him to bent her over and try them all out on her poor bottom. Instead, he dropped the shopping bag on the table then buried his face in her long hair, kissing and groping her with undeniable urgency.

She collided with a wall, backed into it by his forceful molestation. He bunched the skirt up to her waist, knocked her feet apart and cupped her sex with his hand, pressing the heel of the palm into her mound. He penetrated her with a finger.

“You are super wet. I knew it!” He sniggered and she turned her face away, ashamed. “Spank you? I only have to show you those implements, speak of them and you’re dripping with desire.”


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10 thoughts on “#WipitUp – An Extra Purchase”

  1. Great build of anticipation. I got all gooey when he forced her against the wall.
    So looking forward to what he does with those shackles. Mmmm shackles, love the way that rolls off the tongue.

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