Admiring the view, from back here.

I’m between things. This pause, probably a brief one, is an opportunity to take stock and consider my options.

Not that there is nothing happening. I’m stepping back and seeking the bigger picture. (I will return to Saturday Spankings, but not for a couple of weeks.)

Books have been submitted, new release due in less than two weeks, and one book being edited.

Ideas pop up in my head. Most will never make it beyond the brain cell stage. Often, I can envisaged some plot or other, but the characters fail to take shape. Or sometimes, I have a great character who wanders into my mind, hangs around, but doesn’t develop into a story. As much as I try to lend them a voice, they don’t materialise as words.

So, while I’m not in limbo, more like I’m resting and looking at my options for the coming year – yes, a new year awaits – I can catch up with reading, plan my next release – Touched – and scribble down ideas for books.



1 thought on “Admiring the view, from back here.”

  1. Hi Jaye, this sounds like half a holiday, or taking breath before you tackle the next task. Playing around with different characters sounds exciting. What happens if all the different ones you think about meet up for a game of poker? Not the boring kind, where nobody is allowed to show what they feel, more the exciting kind, where you can read their thoughts from their faces or behaviour?!
    I hope you have many new ideas for stories and characters!



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