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Hello and welcome to Whip it up – the work in progress blog hop and I’m sharing Touched this week. This book is written and now progressing towards publication in the middle of November. It will be my first book in print!  You can pre-order at Totally Bound.

In the meantime, here is a small extract. Introducing Adam – an erotic masseur by day and at night? He has his secret passion.  A visitor comes calling and it isn’t long before she is tempted downstairs into his basement.


The front doorbell buzzed loudly throughout the apartment. Adam did one last check around the room then bounded up the stairs to the ground floor hallway. His flat was on two floors—the ground floor and a basement. He flicked a light switch and the corridor lit up.

He slid the bolt back and opened the door to reveal a blonde woman.

“Hi!” she said with a beaming smile.

“Come in.” He stood to one side and the lanky young woman strolled in. Her heels clicked on the tiled floor and she swiveled around on her stilettos to face Adam. The bright red PVC coat she wore reached down to her knees. Her legs were exceptionally long and shaped by the lacy black hold-ups. Over her shoulder hung an oversize leather handbag. About her pale neck, several necklaces of varying lengths dangled over her breasts, all of them beady and brightly colored. She maintained her usual confident swagger, tossing her head to one side and letting her long hair settle down her back.

From her pocket, she removed her phone. “Just texting, you know, to let them know it’s all okay here,” she said with her fingers swiping rapidly over the screen.

“Drink?” he offered.

“Nah,” she said not taking her eyes off her iPhone. “Makes me pee, and that is such an inconvenience, isn’t it?” She giggled childishly. “I so love your digs.” She swung about again and tucked her mobile away in her pocket.

Adam thought the remark shallow, given how little of the apartment she had ever seen. She had her script and she rattled it off. Could she use the bathroom? She knew where it was. She’d been to his a few times. Then she’d be ready for him. Was it going to be the usual, or was he going to surprise her? She said the last question with a twinkle in her blue eyes.

“You’ll have to wait, won’t you?” he said sternly. He waited patiently for her to do her thing in the bathroom. He heard taps running and her humming loudly. He liked her happy and keen. It made things easier and more enticing for him. She generally left in a contented state too, but not always as bouncy or vibrant. Occasionally dopey, sometimes slowly and dreamlike, and a few times tentatively, almost gingerly. He liked watching the metamorphosis.

She couldn’t help herself on the way out as she brushed by him. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “You’re going to make me beg again, aren’t you? I can see it in your eyes. Beg me to have you fuck me.”

He slapped her thigh. It came across as a plastic sound as he mainly hit her coat. “Downstairs,” growled Adam.

“Okay!” she said in mock exasperation.

“I’ll get what I want,” he said, giving her a nudge.

She tottered toward the top of the stairs and started the descent to the lower floor. At the bottom, she waited for him to open the door then, as she crossed the threshold, she let out a familiar gasp. “Fuck, I so love this room.”


Touched in ways she never thought possible, Tania meets a man who will take her completely.

touched_800Tania Havers has no time for sex, never mind romance or boyfriends. Life as an investment analyst in the City of London gives her plenty of stress and competition from equally ambitious work colleagues.

On the advice of a friend, Tania tries out something different—tantric massages. Meeting Adam, an erotic masseur with hands that send her into sensual oblivion, she begins a covert affair, one that takes them out of the massage parlour, into a hotel room, then to her apartment and finally his basement, where Adam shows Tania his secret passion—one he wishes to explore with her.

While their erotic pastimes bring relief, Tania’s career intrudes on their relationship. Driven by ambition, she will deal with obstacles as she sees fit. Adam is about to find out whether Tania has room in her life—and in her heart—for him or whether she will sacrifice their love to save her career.

11 thoughts on “#WipItUp – Touched – a secret passion”

  1. It’s tease the crap out of melody on Wip this week isn’t it?
    I wanna know what she see’s in the basement and even more so, what his secret passion is?
    Great teaser, Jaye… you saucy Peach 😉

  2. Oh wow Jaye, this was such a wonderful teaser! Can’t wait to find out more! Love the description of the different states she leaves in.


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