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touched_800Touched in ways she never thought possible, Tania meets a man who will take her completely.

Tania Havers has no time for sex, never mind romance or boyfriends. Life as an investment analyst in the City of London gives her plenty of stress and competition from equally ambitious work colleagues.

On the advice of a friend, Tania tries out something different—tantric massages. Meeting Adam, an erotic masseur with hands that send her into sensual oblivion, she begins a covert affair, one that takes them out of the massage parlor, into a hotel room, then to her apartment and finally his basement, where Adam shows Tania his secret passion—one he wishes to explore with her.

While their erotic pastimes bring relief, Tania’s career intrudes on their relationship. Driven by ambition, she will deal with obstacles as she sees fit. Adam is about to find out whether Tania has room in her life—and in her heart—for him or whether she will sacrifice their love to save her career.



Here is an excerpt describing the start of Tania’s first massage:


She handed the robe to the assistant and lay down on the table. The towel covered her buttocks. Nothing else was necessary. The room was wonderfully warm. Tania blinked at the floor through the hole, settled her head about its rim and anchored herself to the table. The anticipation was almost unbearable. The moment the masseur stepped in, her edginess would be on display.

The door clicked shut behind him and his footfalls came across the space toward her.

Tania lifted her face out of the safe nook of the head hole. Glancing up, she saw his back. He had turned toward the trolley to fetch something. It was her first glimpse of her masseur and she noticed his hair. Short, dark, almost curly strands tucked neatly about his ears. Her gaze dropped a little lower to his shoulders, which were broad in girth and straight. Tania swallowed, hard. She had an instant rush of blood about her face and it accompanied her innate attraction to men with sturdy frames. There would be no hiding her arousal from him and she couldn’t bring herself to back out of the appointment. Her pride wouldn’t let her reverse out of the door.

Tania ducked her head back down just as he began to pivot around to face her. If his virile physique fired her up, she couldn’t risk seeing his face. She crossed her ankles, pressing her legs closer together.

She heard him squirt oil onto his hands before he rubbed his palms together. “I’m Adam Talbot, Tania,” he said softly in a calm, deep voice. “This is about you, not me. I can do what you wish. I want you to relax and let the tension fly out of your body. Empty your mind and don’t be ashamed. If you feel the need to orgasm, let it happen. Don’t hold back. You can come as much as you want and I will take care of you each time.”

Tania relished the sound of the masseur’s voice. It was masculine, strong and clear. Even before his hands touched her, he had made an impact on her body. Goosebumps pricked up all over her exposed skin and she grasped the edge of the table with both hands.

It began like a normal massage, like many Tania had experienced at traditional spas. Her back and shoulders were molded by sturdy, flat palms and the oil was spread across her skin to ease the passage of his roving hands. Fingers pivoted around the knots in her back, circling and testing her tender spots and judging her physique.

The oily coating was viscous and she envisaged her skin glowing and shiny. Immediately, the encasing oil warmed her body. He repositioned himself, shifting quietly on his feet to stand by her head. Leaning forward, he spread his fingers on her skin and pushed his hands down, all the way to her covered buttocks. The towel slipped a fraction. A waft of cool air drifted down her exposed cleft.

Again, he repeated the process and each time she inhaled deeply.

“Well done,” he said gently.

The towel disappeared and a coolness descended over her bared cheeks. Tania gasped and her insides fluttered with anticipation. Adam rolled the towel up into a cylinder.

“Lift your hips,” he instructed.

Tania felt the rolled-up towel being inserted under her pelvis. Her bottom was lifted. Now her pussy was on full view. The idea sparked a wave of tingles in her clitoris, the kind she struggled to control.

“Part your legs,” he said.

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