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The latest book, Ruled by Him, following the journey of Gemma and Jason picks up straight from Judged by Him, but like all the books in the series it is distinct and can be read alone. The title hints at the theme – rules.  The couple’s D/s relationship is progressing and Jason tightens the reins, drawing Gemma closer to him – at her instigation, not his. It is what she wants.  So for the first time, there are clear rules guiding her.

I didn’t write into the book a contract or a list of rules, or anything concrete.  Their rules are unique to them. What I do write is the discussions they have about them, how she feels and what they might mean to their daily lives…..


“What is clause 5 all about? Daily inspections! Greeting you when you come home. I greet you already, don’t I?” She felt a tad annoyed at what seemed like a trivial request.

“Greet me?” His arms folded across his chest. “Some days, yes, but you don’t exactly welcome me into the house. A good sub should be there, waiting and eager.”

She had to admit she’d become negligent in kneeling and presenting to him, but then she wasn’t his submissive all day long—they had prescribed times.

“I do when we do the scenes. You really want me to go down on my knees every time you walk into a room?”

“Not on your knees, subbie. Eye contact would be a good start. Recently, you just grunt.”

“I do?” Today, he had turned up in the hallway, and she had to concede she had yelled a belated, “Hi, yah,” from the kitchen. She could see his point.

“I’ll try harder. Inspection?”

He flicked a finger at the paper, eyebrows raised. “Go stand in the middle of the room,” he said unexpectedly.


“Gemma, clause 4. Obedience?” He pointed at the rug.

She huffed but got out of bed and stood where he indicated.

“Take off your nightgown. Bra, too.”

She’d taken to wearing a bra in bed to help with the discomfort. After she had tossed the clothes onto the bed, he strolled over to stand next to her.

“I can’t wait to watch your body change. See and feel that baby move inside of you,” he whispered in her ear.

He ran a hand down her back, and she quivered. The other began a journey from her neck down. He skimmed over her breasts, pausing to squeeze each nipple gently, then his fingers went over her abdomen. So far, nothing outwardly had changed down there. He cupped her sex, and she shut her eyes, relaxing against his chest. If this was what he meant by inspection, he could do it several times a day, she decided.

“I want to feel a part of you. Judge with my hands and eyes how you are changing, how you respond to my touch, how you feel physically. I want to make you feel needed and desired because I know that you’re going to see yourself as ugly.”

She opened her eyes and looked at him. A tear trickled down her cheek, and he held her in his arms.

“You’ll always stay beautiful to me.” Jason kissed her hair.


There is a reveal in that passage – but I can’t hide it any longer. Yes, the pitter patter of tiny feet is coming closer. How will they cope?


Gemma Lucas’s life is about to be transformed by a new arrival and her ambition to become an artist. To help deal with the mounting challenges, Gemma enters into a new agreement with her Dominant Jason, one that requires her to be his submissive full-time.

Adapting to her husband’s increasing dominance requires adjustment, especially when a threatening letter is found in her bag at a dance class.

Will the couple’s secret kinky lifestyle be exposed or will Jason’s ruthless approach to his enemies save them?

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21 thoughts on “#WipitUp – Stepping Up”

  1. Ooh, a baby! Will be very interested to see how that changes things for Jason and Gemma! Great excerpt Jaye! I love how Jason wants to feel a part of her and the pregnancy and especially the last sentence 🙂


  2. This is wonderful news. I can’t wait to see what happens when Gemma becomes a full time submissive. Thank you for letting us in on the secret.

  3. Very warm and loving snippet.
    I thinks its neat that she’s pregnant. Love the pitter patter of little feet.
    I wonder how Jason is going to deal with chastisement as she gets bigger?
    Great excerpt, Jaye. ☺

    • You’ve probably bought the first in this trilogy – I hope you enjoy it. They’re not back to back books as such, but it does help to read them in order. Thank you!

  4. Hi Jaye, how could I miss this one out of all?! I love this snippet, and even more so because a little of it reminds me of our own situation when we first knew we’d have a baby. And it definitely helps more than anything else if the partner is positive about how her body changes! Love that idea in the story and can’t wait to read more about them.



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