#Satspanks – After sex comes the spanking

Welcome to Saturday Spankings snippet fest and my offering from Ruled by Him

I’m sharing another moment over Jason’s lap.  It’s been a while since Gemma’s last spanking, due to circumstances and not her behaviour.  She’s having a bad day, lost her confidence and Jason has arrived in the middle of his working day to sort her out.


On her belly, she lay across his lap as he stroked her naked back and buttocks. She pushed back against him.

“Are you sure?” he whispered.

“Yes, Sir, please.” She encased her head in her arms.

A supreme spanking, cathartic in quality and outcome. All the tension left her body, and she soared into a state of subspace. By her standards, the spanking wasn’t especially painful or prolonged. The smacks echoed about the room. Nobody to hear them and with the blinds drawn, their privacy maintained. Passing pedestrians would have no idea what went on behind the windows.


Ruled by Him E-BOOK Front Cover 600x800


Gemma Lucas’s life is about to be transformed by a new arrival and her ambition to become an artist. To help deal with the mounting challenges, Gemma enters into a new agreement with her Dominant, Jason, one which requires her to be his submissive full-time.

Adapting to her husband’s increasing dominance requires adjustment, especially when a threatening letter is found in her bag at a dance class.

Will the couple’s secret kinky lifestyle be exposed or will Jason’s ruthless approach to his enemies save them?

Coming Soon!!!

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20 thoughts on “#Satspanks – After sex comes the spanking”

  1. Hi Jaye, when all that is between Jason and Gemma, are the blinds of the window, this might also have a notion of doing something naughty, sort of. Probably not in this moment, though, because Gemma needs it to find back to herself … and go on into complete bliss. This really works, and it is awesome!



  2. A good spanking does indeed sort one out – and in my house it’s not just the spankee – the spanker feels pretty darn good after it too!

    No date yet? I’m going to pout!

  3. Ah, the power of a spanking. Great snippet Jaye! Love how Jason is there to give Gemma what she needs, and that he checks in with her first.


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