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When my publisher asked if I would write a guest post for AReCafe, I said no problem. Scratched my head and went away to think about it. Then, would I do one for FemaleFirst – sure. More head scratching.  Rude Magazine? Of course….  I’m a writer so all this comes easily, doesn’t it?  Not quite. Writing a novel is one thing, promoting it is another.

I sketched out a draft for each one, tinkered, re-worded and sent them off.

I’ve added the links below. I hope you will have a peep at them – they’re all inspired by my story Touched, but each as a different slant and between them, they give an insight into the workings of my mind.  Not often you’ll see that around here!


How to describe the first encounter of two potential lovers? The pivotal moment when the first words are spoken, eyes meet and features appraised – the creation of a mutual arena of discovery, where both characters explore and familiarise themselves with each other. What if it happened in the workplace, or at a party, perhaps a blind date, or a chance meeting in the street? Plenty of possibilities, but, how to make it special or unusual? How to add an element of adventure, risk-taking and temptation?

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I remember a time when my job consumed each day and my personal life whizzed by in the background – poor thing, my love life, all neglected and far too busy to entertain. Not entirely true, I had fun, but it wasn’t a consistent thread in my life. I worked in a male dominated company, one where career took priority and you were measured by your future potential – how far could you go? Romance doesn’t establish a foothold when you’re too busy ticking off targets and being submerged in a pool of men doesn’t make them eligible, especially if they’re committed to their own goals.

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bv_sado_chic_kit_by_Lara_Giliberto-682x1024This month’s theme is favourite body parts and how they can inspire creativity. A phobia and love affair with hands since childhood inspired Jaye Peaches’ latest novel Touched, which explores an erotic affair between a city girl and a Tantric masseur who connect through touch. Massage can unlock creativity and enable a shift in perspective and we love the idea of massaging words on the page. We can celebrate our hands through gesture and articulation, Second Skin jewellery, a wrist tattoo or painted nails… 

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What do you hope reader’s take away from this retelling of your story?

I’ve always been one of those crazy busy kind of people. I steam-roller my way through life, giving my best, and setting myself challenging goals. I didn’t truly think of the impact it had on me. It made me selfish, too. I’m not proud of that. Those ideas I had – making time for me and finding companionship – when it came to the crunch, I ditched, because it meant exposing my weaknesses and fears. The stupid jogging machine I bought collected cobwebs in the corner of the room, the parties I skipped, the one-night stands I endured. Do I have to say more?

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4 thoughts on “Here, there and everywhere – promoting a book”

  1. Wow Jaye, these were fantastic articles and I love the different focus of each.


  2. Hi Jaye, I can only agree with Roz, and all aspects are equally important. I have a slight favourite post though; it is the one about the hands, because I do look at hands, too and love what they can do or feel like. Yummy.



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