#TickleMePink – Pin boards and Cinquains

For today’s Tickle Me Pink – I’ve gone all poetic.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite pictures which relate to my latest release – Touched – and created a pinboard in Pinterest. Following a fun Saturday at a Smut UK event – where I met other writers, got attached to another author (via wrist and ankle cuffs), listened to some fab readings and poetry – I’m trying out a few cinquains.

Cinquain?  Yes, I asked that too. It’s a five-line form of poetry where each line has a different syllabub count – 2, 4, 6, 8, and 2 syllables.  The recommendation was to try using poetry to inspire, fire up the creative juices each morning and repel the evil curse of writer’s block.


sensual massage 1caress

me betwixt my

parted lips, which blossom

emboldened by your delicate



butterfly touchstay still

it tickles me

don’t stir, breathe or shiver

steady, the butterfly flutters




one fingeralone

his finger moves,

gliding over her crest

journeys deeper, seeking hidden







slippery skin

her folds separated,

beckoning her lover to dip




So, not gunning for poet laureate quite yet. If you want a go, why not post one in a comment 🙂


Touched in ways she never thought possible, Tania meets a man who will take her completely.

touched_800Tania Havers has no time for sex, never mind romance or boyfriends. Life as an investment analyst in the City of London gives her plenty of stress and competition from equally ambitious work colleagues.

On the advice of a friend, Tania tries out something different—tantric massages. Meeting Adam, an erotic masseur with hands that send her into sensual oblivion, she begins a covert affair, one that takes them out of the massage parlour, into a hotel room, then to her apartment and finally his basement, where Adam shows Tania his secret passion—one he wishes to explore with her.

While their erotic pastimes bring relief, Tania’s career intrudes on their relationship. Driven by ambition, she will deal with obstacles as she sees fit. Adam is about to find out whether Tania has room in her life—and in her heart—for him or whether she will sacrifice their love to save her career.

Find out more at Totally Bound

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4 thoughts on “#TickleMePink – Pin boards and Cinquains”

  1. Hi Jaye, couldn’t come up with much, but couldn’t resist the temptation to at least try something. 🙂 So, for this attempt I looked at my little one. 🙂

    Tilda’s hands

    So small
    Tiny fingers
    Never can resist them
    they are so beautiful and cute
    Love them

    I like your poems, they are great and work well with the pictures, too. I couldn’t come up with anything erotic at all :(, but will try again. Thanks for the fun idea !



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