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dental-chair_src_2I’m working on a spanking story for possible submission to an anthology.  The idea is based around a dental practice where receptionist, Megan, fantasizes about the kinky use of a dental chair. When new dentist, Jeremy, catches her being impolite to a patient, things go somewhat further than she imagined.


“Take off you skirt and top, then put your knees on the arm rests.”

As I slip off my clothes, Jeremy lowers the back of the chair. When I return to my former location, my head is facing down, but my bottom lifted higher. He helps me balance, positioning my wobbly legs on the arm rests, which are sufficiently wide and padded to accommodate my narrow shins. I manage to hold still, just. But, mainly because I have to – I’m precariously poised.

I wait. He’s behind me. I can hear him breathing – slow deliberate breaths through his nostrils. I risk a glance and to my surprise, he’s crouched, his face level with my arse. He’s licking his lips, eyeing my exposed slit, my sleek folds.

There is something wonderfully demeaning about an inspection. It’s not the first time I’ve submitted to these scrutinises of my aroused sex, such interest is often shown by those whom flex their canes and lash me with straps. I flex my feet, curling the toes up. I’m on display and I should feel intimidated, but instead, my heart races. I’m a self-confessed kinky girl. I smile, almost a smirk, as over my shoulder I spy Jeremy’s eyes smouldering under the bright lights.

“Eyes front,” he snaps.

I shoot my head back, biting on my lower lip. A wetness touches my slit, something warm and soft. He’s licking me! Slowly his tongue spreads, flattening against my labia, dipping into my vagina. I freeze, my eyes springing open. Tiny exclamations fire out of my mouth in rapid succession – oh, oh… Another long lick, and the tip of his tongue catches my clitoris before ending close to my heated arse. The end-of-day bristles, which dust his passing chin, graze my tender slit. Another stream of mewls escape my mouth.

He sniffs. A long inhale and utters something. I don’t hear what, but his breath hits my toasted arse like a cool summer breeze and I shiver.


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  1. I really like the way he positions her in that chair. I think once he starts heating up her bare bottom it’s going to be hard to hold her legs on the armrests.
    Great Image, Jaye ☺

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