#WipitUp – A close inspection of the medical kind

Welcome to Wip it up! The chance to share a work in progress or recently published work. Today I’ve got a WiP, a nearly published sci-fi spanking romance – Bound by Her Promise

boundbyherpromise_fullWhen twenty-two-year-old Lysa travels to the Outer Rim Colony on Callisto to be a miner’s wife, she isn’t in it for love or even for the fairly generous pay. She undertakes the voyage because the government refuses to let women into technological fields, and the mining colony is her only chance at learning in secret. But upon reaching the colony, it isn’t long before Lysa wonders if she is in way over her head.

Blake, the man she is to marry, brings her almost immediately to the colony doctor for an incredibly thorough, humiliating medical examination. Even more disturbing is the fact that apparently her marriage contract gives Blake the right to discipline her when he feels it necessary, including by means of a bare-bottom spanking.

After Lysa confesses to Blake the real reason she came to the colony, he reluctantly agrees to help her as long as she promises not to neglect her wifely duties. To her surprise, despite her new husband’s less-than-enlightened views on how a misbehaving wife should be dealt with, Lysa soon find herself both enjoying his company and craving his skilled, dominant lovemaking. But when the head of the colony learns that Lysa is illegally studying to be an engineer and that Blake is helping her, will they be forced apart forever?


Lysa has been persuaded to have her medical exam, without it she can’t marry Blake…


Fun!  How could he use such a word? Naked, spread wide, poked, prodded and forced to orgasm. What a performance she was expected to put on for them. Pain wasn’t the issue for Lysa, it was the abject humiliation she feared.

She glanced at the trolley by the exam table. A speculum wrapped in a sterile covering, swabs, a weird looking probe and lubricant.  All laid out ready for her. She ran a finger along the stirrup and touched the strap. “What’s this for?”

The doctor glanced at Blake then back to her. “Your safety.”

Safety. She guffawed and rolled her eyes up. They couldn’t force her, but they would make sure once she’d stripped and laid down she wasn’t going to change her mind.

“Lysa, if we’re going to be man and wife, you have to trust me. That trust starts right now.” Blake cupped his hands about her face and gazed straight into her eyes. She flinched. Such dark eyes, black pits, and they make her tummy flip with small somersaults, frazzling her thoughts.

Lysa closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had to find a way to accept him into her life because if her plan was going to work, she needed his support. Perhaps, the examination would help conquer her anxieties about the future. If she could see her way through this, then she would tell him, open up and let him know the truth. If he cooperated, they could marry and cement their relationship. All they had to be was friends, nothing else. She didn’t expect anything else.

“Well?” Blake stroked a finger down her cheek.

Lysa sighed. A few hours was all it had taken to break down her determined façade of confidence. She’d had plenty of medicals before now, why did this one present problems? “Fine,” she scowled.

She straightened up and squared off her shoulders. She hadn’t reached this far without taking risks. It was time to rebuild her poise – by taking off her clothes. The irony wasn’t lost on her. Blake stepped back, creating space between them. She fingered her top. A layer of clammy perspiration clung to her skin, gluing her clothes on. Lifting it over her head, she uncovered her bra. Next, she slipped down her pants, shaking them off her feet, and added them to the clothes already folded on a stool.

“All your clothes, please,” reminded Blake. He’d not taken his eyes off her.

Lysa unclasped her bra. She kept her arm looped around her bosom, hiding her nipples and with the other hand, she picked at the elasticated waistband.

“Let me help.” Blake knelt at her feet, and before she could protest, peeled her panties down her thighs. “Step out of them.” She lifted her feet one by one, then swiftly covered her sex with a hand.

He scrunched her panties in his hand, as if he didn’t want to let them go, then added them to her pile of clothes. Blake move out of the way, allowing the doctor to stand in front of Lysa.

“Arms to your sides, please.” Dr Lamont tapped her elbow.

Lysa chewed her lower lip and curled her toes into balls of her feet. She bared her breasts and stood to attention, arms rigid at her sides, but kept her thighs clamped together.

She glanced up, straight into the eyes of the doctor. Unlike Blake, the medic had grey hairs poking out around his temples and a smattering of wrinkles about his lips. His hooked nose protruded out of his face, making him appear hawkish. Looking over her shoulder, she watched Blake rest his shoulders against the wall and cross his ankles. She could easily warm to his handsome features and burly physique. Things could be much worse.

The doctor checked the glands in her neck. “How was the spaceflight? Any problems with the slipstream?”

Lysa shook her head. “No. A little dizziness and nausea at first.”

“It happens.” He flicked a torch in her eyes and she blinked several times. “Put your hands on your head. I’m going to examine your breasts.”

Her arms shook as she raised them. She grasped her hair, clinging on to her scalp. Dr Lamont cupped her right breast, lifting it and let it bounce in his palm. His gentle touch caused a ripple of shivers to rush down her spine. He repeated with the other breast, using both hands at the same time as if to weigh them up in scales.

Lysa squeezed her eyes shut. This didn’t seem to be a regular breast examination. He palpated around her nipples with two fingers, pressing harder until she winced. If any other man touched her in such a groping fashion, she’d belt him one.

“Sorry,” he muttered. “I don’t mean to be harsh, but overly sensitive tissue might cause you problems.” He pinched a nipple between his finger and thumb, rolling it back and forth. With a tug, he stretched the erect nipple out, twisting it as he elongated the rigid tissue.

Lysa snatched a breath, then held it as he let go. A moment of sharp pain and she gasped. Seconds later, the discomfort had gone.

He’d been watching her intently, nodding at her little exclamation. “All’s good. Quite normal.”

What did he expect? For her to burst into tears? “Of course,” she retorted. She was proud of her breasts, their form and pertness suited her slender build.

The doctor walked around her and ran his hand over each of her buttock cheeks. “Ample here,” he remarked. “Always worth having some padding.” Lysa rose up on her tiptoes as he pinched a cheek. What the hell was that about?

Blake chuckled. “She’s got a great arse.”

Lysa glared at him. “Can we get on with this?”

Dr Lamont tapped the exam table. “On here.”

Lysa’s lowered her arms and fisted her hands into balls. She inched her way on to the cold surface, shuffling up until she could recline.

“Bottom on the edge and legs in the stirrups.” He eased the stirrups farther apart and grasped her ankle.

“I don’t need help,” she snapped, shaking her leg loose. The rests seemed wide apart, farther than she’d like. She wriggled her bottom down and slid her calves into the plastic cuffs. She gifted Blake the perfect view of her sex.

The doctor stuffed his hands in gloves and snapped the elasticated material around his wrists. Hooking a stool, he positioned himself between her legs and angled a light source, aiming it at the apex of her thighs.

Lysa gripped the edge of the table and gritted her teeth. The humiliation grated. Gawped at by a man probably twice her age and in the presence of the man she’d just met, who didn’t even know what food she liked.

“Well, well,” Dr Lamont remarked.

“What?” asked Blake from his viewpoint by the wall.

“She’s not inhibited. Slick, I would say.”

Lysa cursed under her breath. Betrayed by her pussy, a wave of hot blood pumped about her chest. “It’s… just…”

“No need to feel embarrassed,” said Blake.

“Easy for you to say.”


15 thoughts on “#WipitUp – A close inspection of the medical kind”

  1. The blurb sounds intriguing Jaye, she sounds both brave and feisty! How humiliating, doesn’t quite sound like a regular exam to me either 🙂


  2. Hi Jaye, great snippet, and definitely another kind of read for me, because of the sci-fi background. No, this does not sound like a regular exam at all to me either. I like Lysa from what you wrote, because she has some dreams and goals and works for them … and has to endure more than a little bit on her way!



  3. Jaye – you captured the feelings and emotions of a first visit to a gynocologist combined with the thought of having to endure the humiliation of being totally exposed to someone to someone other than the doctor – a handsome someone to boot.

  4. Long excerpt but I couldn’t stop reading. I’m loving this! Great premise and I can’t wait to read the whole thing. When did you say it would be out?

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