#sexysnippet – The Greeting

I’m back with the Nuthouse Scribblers for a SexySnippet. This a 7 sentence excerpt from Ruled by Him, which is about the life of Dominant businessman his submissive wife. Having moved into a 24/7 relationship, previously they had designated times or bedroom only D/s, Gemma has to adapt and quickly.

Jason has arrived home from work. He has instigated a rule – she must be ready for him.


red dress 2She greeted him in the hallway. One of his extra-special lingering kisses with her back pinned against the wall and it told her all she needed to know – he wanted her, no waiting around for the evening.

His fingers lifted her skirt. Finding her bare flesh, free of underwear, he stroked his fingertips along her wet slit. She gasped and banged the back of her head against the wall.

“I rule this, babe, don’t I?” The fingers crept into her slick pussy, finding little hindrance.


Ruled by Him is the second volume of Sublime Trust, however it can be read in isolation from the rest of the series, as each book has it own storyline.

Ruled by Him

Ruled by Him E-BOOK Front Cover 600x800Gemma Lucas’s life is about to be transformed by a new arrival and her ambition to become an artist. To help deal with the mounting challenges, Gemma enters into a new agreement with her Dominant, Jason, one which requires her to be his submissive full-time.

Adapting to her husband’s increasing dominance requires adjustment, especially when a threatening letter is found in her bag at a dance class.

Will the couple’s secret kinky lifestyle be exposed or will Jason’s ruthless approach to his enemies save them?

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Amazon (US)

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8 thoughts on “#sexysnippet – The Greeting”

  1. Wonderful snippet Jaye, sexy and hot! Love his words, and finding little hindrance.


  2. Hi Jaye, this is sexy, I love such moments and it is great that Gemma can let herself fall into it, too. Yummy. Great picture for these seven lines!



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