#WipitUp – Enemies across the table

Welcome to WipItUp – I’m working on my current WiP, a historical romance set during the English Civil War.  Hester, a Royalist supporter of King Charles, has surrendered the family home to Daniel, a captain in the Parliamentarian army. It’s their first meal together and she is determined not to make friends.


Daniel tired of talking to the back of her head. Her hair, light in colour, although not yellow like his own, flowed down her back. Slightly unkempt, it needed ribbons or something to keep it in check. He suspected she couldn’t afford little luxuries. Her eyes, the little he had glimpsed of them, grey, or maybe light green. Her figure wholesome to the eyes. Certainly not slender, neither was it plump, but a pleasant middling and a good indicator of privilege.  He guessed they dined in healthy food mixed with the odd treat, perhaps some sugar from time to time crept into their dishes. Now, Hester would have to adapt to a different diet, a familiar one to Daniel, but not the stroppy young woman, who seemed determined to ignore him.

“Please, take your arm off the table and face me.”

“No,” she snorted.

“You’re being childish. What is there to gain from this attitude?”

Finally, she spun about and glared at him. “We are enemies, captain. This attitude, as you call it, is necessary. I despise you. Having you here, in my house, eating at my table and sitting in my father’s chair!”

“Ah.” Daniel patted the sturdy armrests of the fine oak chair and considered her fiery outburst. Her eyes blazed with anger and for some reason it didn’t annoy him. He respected her defiance, because in her shoes, he would be just as obstinate.

He slid his plate over to the side of the table, stood up and hooked the next chair with his foot, pushing it back. Sitting down, he picked up his knife and continued to eat.

“Better?” he said between mouthfuls.

She narrowed her eyes as she assessed his manoeuvring. “Yes,” she said slowly.

Now he sat even closer to her, just an arm’s reach away. The proximity picked up his pulse. Hester, awkward and ill-at-ease with him, seemed to have set off something unexpected in his body, a rare burst of desire. He liked being next to her, hearing her soft breaths and her feet shuffling on the boards. Her uncomfortable squirming intrigued him. Did she plan to run away or was she going to make mischief for him and his men? If she dared cross him, there would be trouble and she would find out he brooked no nonsense when it came to discipline.

Swallowing a mouthful of cider, he didn’t think he would have to wait long to find out her intentions.


18 thoughts on “#WipitUp – Enemies across the table”

  1. Hi Jaye, great snippet. I loved how Hester tries so hard to be unfriendly and Daniel is rather understanding and shows so much interest in her. I can already see that there will be a lot of tit for tat between them while she tries to get away and he wants to come closer, and I try to imagine what happens when she realizes (my secret hope) that she actually does not want to escape. 🙂 Can’t wait for more.



  2. What an intriguing snippet, Jaye 🙂 I can’t wait until you finish this and get it published! I love historical fiction and this one seems perfect for me 😀

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