#Satspanks – Middle of the night #spanking

Hello and welcome to a spanking Saturday.

We all have to deal with disappointments, a sense of failure or not meeting expectations. So pictured a submissive, who only wants to please her Dominant, and has decided, of her own volition, that she has screwed up and let him down. Tossing and turning in bed, her gymnastics have woken him from his slumber. Now what?

Gemma and Jason are back and will be appearing in the final installment of Sublime Trust in the spring – here’s a snippet.


ready and waitingHowever, even though he’d admitted he should have checked in better, which he had done in the shower as we both cooled down, I remained frustrated by my failure to submit. I let out a big sigh.

“For fuck’s sake, Gemma, what’s the matter?” He switched on the bedside light.

“I wish I’d said something. I feel disappointed I let you down.” My shoulders inched up in the tiniest of shrugs and I practised that doleful expression, which either fired him into action or annoyed him sufficiently to ignore me – I crossed my fingers under the sheets that it would be former.

He manhandled me off the bed, bent me over the end, then snatched the hairbrush off the dressing table and walloped my bare backside.

“Thank you, Sir,” I shrieked.



12 thoughts on “#Satspanks – Middle of the night #spanking”

  1. I love Gamma and Jason and look forward to the next instalment. Great snippet. Seems Gemma will be relieved of her guilt.


  2. Hi Jaye, I can relate so well to such moments. Feeling guilty throughout the night is horrible! Gemma’s inner peace would have been completely gone until she had received her spanking. So Jason absolutely does the right thing, I’d say. And I am sure Gemma is definitely grateful of getting rid of her own disappointment, … and Jason will be just as glad that he could sleep on, maybe after some make up sex, so that Gemma knows with every inch of her body that all is ok. 🙂
    Loved this snippet, especially since I could identify with all Gemma did and with Jason’s (slightly annoyed) reaction too.



    • Why does guilt spring upon us in the middle of the night! It’s not easy dealing with those unwanted emotions. I wanted to capture those times when we need a little help to find that peace of mind.

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