#TickleMePink with a round of spanking limericks

I have a quirk – it’s writing limericks. I’m not the best, as I don’t consider myself a poetic kind of writer, but I do like the fun aspect of the limerick and it lends itself to kink quite nicely.

So here are a few to tickle your Tuesday.


kneelingFaye was never one for being hasty

though her heartbeats were often racy

it had to do

with a Dom she knew

whom she found to be wonderfully tasty




floggingJoey was handy with a leather whip

swirling around, he swung back the tip

aiming it low

but never slow

he snapped it against her wriggling hip





otk spanksPenny wasn’t one for sitting on a fence

she liked to have her maintenance

flung over his lap

to receive a slap

she wallowed in spanking sustenance








cropDommes always find Jeffrey willing

For a scene that is often thrilling

they notice him twitch

when they approach with a switch

by the end the scene would be very fulfilling





Up in old Dundee lives blind Dom Des

who has a reputation for being shameless

in a jacket of tweed

he smokes his weed

sadly his whip hand is somewhat aimless


Kissing his shoesOn her knees she worships his feet

which she thinks are rather neat

her tongue would flick

and do a lick

until she burst into flames of heat




Little Bess wanted to be spanked with a whisk

However, she did not appreciate the risk

the naughty wench

bent over the bench

and all that came out of her mouth was a #@&*



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