#SexySnippets – Lie back

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I’ve a new book out this week and it is a historical romance set during the English Civil War. Hester is a Royalist sympathiser who has surrendered her family home to a troop of Parlimentarian dragoons led by Captain Daniel Hasard. Her idea to spy and create mayhem for her unwanted guests have gone awry. Instead, she is faced with something quite unexpected, the need for some erotic sex.


“Lie back,” he commanded, drawing off his shirt and tossing it to one side. She lay as requested, her calves quivering with expectation. She could not see his hands, but she felt his fingertips separate her sex lips, gliding his thumbs up and down. The sweeping action stimulated, instigating a buzz of pulsating sensations in her clitoris. She arched, raising her pelvis off the bed and as she did, Daniel pounced, lifting her legs over his shoulders as he lowered his body. Between her legs he lay, resting on his elbows and his mouth descended.


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