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Ever had one of those moments when you just can’t get things right?  You say the wrong thing, can’t find the right mood for the occasion?  Gemma is trying hard to find her submissive qualities at the start of a three week cruise on board her husband’s luxury yacht – the Sublime. They might just be heading towards one of those re-set scenes….



“Right. Tell me what is pissing you off before you piss me off even further. I’ve spent an hour trying to get my computer to bloody work, and you are adding to my displeasure rapidly.” Jason slammed the laptop lid down.

“Nothing, only….” Gemma slid down a slippery slope into the bottomless pit of her own making. “I didn’t like the way Enrique spoke to me.”

“What do you mean? Did he call you by your first name?” Jason frowned.


“Well?” He contemplated taking Gemma over his knee; his palm itched to spank her and end her stroppy manners.

“The way he spoke to me felt like a command, not a request. That’s all.”

“You’re being oversensitive, Gemma. Childish. Like you were in the car. Do you want another punishment?” He considered the necessity to make her snap out of grouchiness.

“No, of course not,” she sighed.

“Since you’re acting like a child, I’ll treat you like one. Go stand in the corner. Arms boxed behind you. Don’t move.”


Sublime Trust

Gemma and Jason Lucas lead a life less ordinary, where kink and wealth combine to bring exotic opportunities.

Gemma – a millionaire’s wife and a Dominant’s submissive. One public persona, the other very private. Her personal journey takes her to many places physically, mentally, and most definitely kinky. She must continually put her faith in her husband and cast aside her turbulent past.

Her future is an uncharted map of erotic pleasure.

Settled into married life, Jason has almost all that he desires.  Constantly striving to seek out new erotic adventures, his passion is to have his wife become his submissive all day, every day.

Whatever Jason’s rules and judgements might bring to their relationship, he will always cherish her.

Sublime Trust Vol. 1

Judged by Him

Judged By Him E-BOOK Front CoverThree weeks cruising the Mediterranean Sea in a luxury yacht with her husband takes submissive Gemma into an opulent world she never could have envisioned before she met Jason Lucas.

A voyage to locations across Southern Europe and opens up new arenas of kinky sex for Gemma as her Dominant lover continues to educate her sexual being.

Unknown to the couple, several members of the crew are not who they appear to be. Both Gemma and Jason Lucas’s lives will be turned upside down by their disclosures and Gemma’s submission to her Dominant will be tested.


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5* ARe:

Another excellent story from this author. I love the continuing story of Jason & Gemma from the previous two Trust Me books. Ms Peaches is on my automatic buy list. You can read as a stand alone story but personally I enjoyed having the back story of their relationship.

14 thoughts on “#Satspanks – Go stand in the corner”

  1. Oh dear, sounds like they are both out of sorts. Maybe a spanking is in order 🙂 Ug, corner time lol


  2. Hi Jaye, it seems they are both a little miffed. But Gemma might have a point! I think Roz is right with the spanking, that would help both of them. Cornertime might help them too, though. 🙂



  3. Ah man, don’t piss off a man who’s having IT problems. Everyone knows that. I need to check this book out and make sure he follows up corner time with something a little more spanky. Because corner time on its own would be rubbish.

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