Honey coated newsletter due out

I’m putting the final touches to my first newsletter. As well as updates on my latest works in progress, I’m sharing a short erotica story – an original freebie.

It is entitled Honey and the Master and begins….


She stands naked before three men with her hands clasped behind her back.

I’m the master, he tells her. These men will do my bidding and you will do all our bidding.

She nods and he glares. “Yes, Sir.” He glares harder. “Yes, my Master.”

I am your Master, remember. Them, you may call sir. He jerks his thumb towards the other two.

“I understand, my Master.”

He steps closer and points to the floor by his shiny shoes. She kneels, displaying her sex and bows her head.

There is no room for second guessing me. You will simply do as I say. If you deviate, you will be punished….


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