#SexySnippets – The Captivating Hand

Hello and welcome to some sexy snippets – this contribution comes from my latest release: In Enemy Hands.

Captain Daniel Hasard has promised not spoil his captive Hester, at least not too much. Though she must remain a virgin, he’s about to demonstrate other ways to please her, and him.


Hester groaned. “What pleasure can I give you if you will not take what should be yours?”

“Oh, my dear girl, you will show me great pleasure in other ways.” He yanked up her skirt and exposed her sex. Now with one hand on her breast, his other fitted about her mound and he pressed his palm against it. A burst of nervous energy caused Hester to giggle and between her legs, a heat rose to meet his captivating hand. She squirmed as he applied more pressure and slid a finger between her folds.

“You do torment me, captain,” she panted, wriggling her hips.

“With my hand, yes, and now I shall show you how my mouth will torture you.”


inenemyhands_fullWhen the rest of her household flees the family estate during the English Civil War, Hester Cavell, a proud Royalist supporter, stays behind hoping to protect her home. Unfortunately for Hester, she quickly finds that she is no match for a troop of Parliamentarian dragoons, led by Captain Daniel Hasard. Once the dragoons take control of her house, Daniel lets Hester stay with her servants, but he warns her that he will punish her severely if she causes any trouble.

Despite Daniel’s warning, it isn’t long before Hester risks her safety and attempts to sabotage his troops, earning her a long, hard switching on her bare bottom. But as the weeks pass, she begins to realize that the man behind the enemy uniform is loving, intelligent, and kind, and she can’t help but grow more and more attracted to him. Daniel returns Hester’s affection, and while they remain enemies by day to protect her reputation, they soon become passionate lovers by night.

Not wanting the servants to guess at their games, Hester continues to make a pretence at mischief, and Daniel continues to punish her sternly. But when a servant at last finds out the truth of their relationship, will it bring an end to their newfound romance, or will Daniel cast aside politics and allegiances and ask for her hand in marriage?

Publisher’s Note: In Enemy Hands is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


5* Amazon Review (UK)

One of my favourite reads this year so far. Brilliant portrayal of the period, strong, believable characters and some seriously HOT spankings. Definitely one to recommend if you like your historical erotic romances with a liberal dash of heat.

Excerpt here

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  1. Jaye, wonderful snippet! What a lovely way of being tortured, but for Hester’s sake I do hope that Daniel has an iron will. I’d say he’ll need it with Hester so willing. 🙂



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