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tickle me pinkLast week I hosted Ashe Barker, who shared an excerpt from her book, this week I’m delighted to welcome Renee Rose. From the same box sex, but a different story. Read on to find out what it’s all about….




Jaye, thank you so much for having me here today!  I was lucky to be part of a new medieval spanking romance box set with authors Sue Lyndon, Ashe Barker, Korey Mae Johnson and Dinah McLeod.  All the stories begin with the sacking of Hohenzollern Castle, when the heroines of the books are carried off by the conquering knights.  My story follows Lady Daisy, a young woman who suffered a terrible fate when her castle had been sacked years ago, and now is terrified to be with a man. Her new husband, has a very coaxing, yet still dominant way with her. They strike a bargain–she must give her body over to his seduction and he will not consummate the marriage until she begs him for it. Certain she will never do such a thing, she agrees.

In this scene, Daisy has displeased her husband and he is punishing her:


“Take off your clothes.”

Daisy drew a breath as she allowed her dress to fall open and spill to her feet. She clutched the skirt of the chemise in her fingers, but hesitated, embarrassed.

“One…” Sir Barrett began to count.

She sprang into action, tearing the chemise off and dropping it on top of the gown before he got to “three.” She stood, blushing before him as he took a long, leisurely survey of her body. Warmth pooled between her legs.

“Turn around,” he commanded.

She bit her lip and rotated, showing him her backside. Her bottom still tingled and burned from the hand spanking he’d given her. She heard the sound of his footsteps moving away, but she did not dare turn to see what he was doing, since he had not given her permission.

“Daisy, come here,” he said after a few moments.

She turned to see he had folded several blankets and stacked them on top of one another. Realizing his intent, genuine fear rooted her to the ground.

“Daisy,” he repeated, not raising his voice.

She forced her feet to move forward, her heart pounding painfully against her ribs. She’d never felt more vulnerable in her life.

He reached out his large hand as if to comfort her and she placed hers in it. He led her to the side of the bed and tapped the stack of blankets.

Her body felt leaden as she crawled on top of the stack designed to lift and present her bottom for his chastisement. The skin on her back, bottom and legs crawled in anticipation of the leather belt. “Please, sir,” she found herself begging before he’d even started. “Forgive me.”

“I have already forgiven you, little Daisy, but I need to be sure you understand this lesson.”

“I do understand it,” she assured him, her palms both cold and sweaty at the same time. She could almost hear the frantic thump of her heart pulsing in her ears.

“I’m not going to go easy on you; this rule is a serious one for me. I do believe your intentions came from your sweet and loving heart, and I will take that into consideration. Do you need me to tie your hands to keep you from reaching back?”

The question only drove more fear into her. “No, sir,” she squeaked.


The Conquered Brides Collection

conqueredbrides_fullWhen the castle they called home is besieged and ultimately falls, five women are captured and carried off as wives by their foes. Will they be treated as no more than the spoils of war, or can their new lords prove themselves worthy of the love and submission of their conquered brides?

The Conquered Brides is a five-book collection featuring brand-new titles from five top erotic romance authors.


The Knight’s Seduction by Renee Rose

The Knights seductionAvowed to never again yield to a man’s ill-treatment, Lady Daisy stands ready to fight to the death when her castle is sacked. The imposing knight Sir Barrett has other ideas, however, and to her dismay, Daisy soon finds herself not only disarmed, but soundly spanked as well. Sir Barrett takes her as his captive bride, but when she shows real terror at the prospect of consummating their marriage, he offers her a bargain. She will offer her body to him and accept the pleasurable torments he inflicts, but he will not claim her fully until she aches for it so badly she begs him. Certain she will do no such thing, Daisy agrees, but can she resist the knight’s seduction?

Publisher’s Note: The Conquered Brides contains spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble




Renee Rose is a naughty author and kinkster who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around kink. She can be found on:









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  1. Great snippet. What has she done? I mean, done with the best of intentions, but nevertheless, she broke a rule. She is forgiven but he is not going to be lenient. Hmmm, definitely something for my TBR-list.



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