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Welcome to Wip it Up – the chance to share a little of things to come.

I’m continuing with the latest Gemma and Jason book – Cherished by Him, which is the third and final part of Sublime Trust.

Gemma wanted to take their young son to the beach for the day. Having sent a text to Jason to ask permission, she is a little miffed when he refuses. It doesn’t help she keeps on sending him texts….


After a very mute meal, I washed up and Jason disappeared to work in his study. I assumed it was the end of the evening for both of us and I resigned myself to having another go at viewing boring documents while sitting in the kitchen.

My supposition proved to be wrong. Barely fifteen minutes later, Jason returned. He came and stood behind me, leaning over to look at the documents.  My stiff shoulders illustrated the tension I battled to contain. Jason said nothing for the few minutes as he massaged the tautness, pressing his fingertips into my shoulder blades while at the same time, he read the closest letter. I made appreciative noises as his strong fingers dug into my sinews, easing the muscles. I shut my eyes, blocking out the annoying sheets of paper.

“I want you,” he announced, pulling back the chair.

passionate-kissI scrambled to tidy up the papers into a neat pile. Wanting me was the best distraction I’d had all day. I stood up and he drew me into an embrace. Immediately I went up a notch on my orgasm scale. He trailed kisses over my exposed neckline, nibbled my earlobes and delved under my t-shirt, heading straight for my bra.

“You’ve been sulking and have been all day, haven’t you?” he whispered into my ear. Two of his fingers found his target and he pinched a nipple. It stiffened, responding with a sharp twinge, as he twisted it back and forth like an erotic switch.

I took a deep inhalation of breath. I had to tell him what was bothering me before I lost all control of my senses.

“Brighton. I wanted a day out,” I muttered, as Jason peppered me with his kisses, continuing to harass my poor nipple. “Felt trapped.” I winced, grabbing at the back of the chair to steady myself.

“You went to Blythewood instead though, so why the glum features?” He tipped my head up and his stern blue eyes dazzled from on high.

“Just fancied a change.” I shrugged, instantly regretting the gesture. Another stab of discomfort shot across my assaulted nipple. “What’s wrong with that?” I whined.

He ceased screwing my beleaguered nipple and cupped my breast instead, bouncing it up and down. “Did it ever cross your mind that I might like to take Joshua to the seaside, watch him take his first sniff of salt air, wriggled his toes in the sand. Well?”

It hadn’t and I closed my eyes while I digested his words. I wasn’t behaving submissively and he’d every right to call me sulky.

I snort. “He wouldn’t have smelt much,” I said, deflecting his comment. “His nose is stuffed up and he didn’t eat his tea. So it was probably for the best.”

He took my wrists, pinned them behind my back, crossing them together and held them in place with his lengthy span. I winced, not from pain, but the realisation he was ramping things up a level.  “Gemma. What do you think it means to me when I have to put up with your silly texts in the middle of my working day. Time wasting, stroppy words from my wife who should know better. Think a little clearer next time.”

He pulled my arms back away from me, causing a sharp stabbing pain in my shoulders and I grimaced. Pain was a good way of catching anyone’s attention.

“I apologise. Sir.”

“Hopefully by the time I finished fucking your sorry arse, you will be in a better frame of mind.” I noted the lack of menace in his voice, something else lurked behind his words. I suspected the Dominant, who had come home from work was in need of my compliant nature and good behaviour.

A better frame of mind – guaranteed. I rarely ended up feeling worse after his fucks, even if he dressed them up as a disciplinary matter, but his frame of mind needed to revert from executive mode into relaxed husband. I hoped it would be a mutually beneficial fuck.

He let go of my wrists and began to explore once again, I shivered, tilting my head back and prepared myself for letting go. Then, the front door bell rang.


Sublime Trust

Gemma and Jason Lucas lead a life less ordinary, where kink and wealth combine to bring exotic opportunities.

Gemma – a millionaire’s wife and a Dominant’s submissive. One public persona, the other very private. Her personal journey takes her to many places physically, mentally, and most definitely kinky. She must continually put her faith in her husband and cast aside her turbulent past.

Her future is an uncharted map of erotic pleasure.

Settled into married life, Jason has almost all that he desires.  Constantly striving to seek out new erotic adventures, his passion is to have his wife become his submissive all day, every day.

Whatever Jason’s rules and judgements might bring to their relationship, he will always cherish her.

 Vol. 1

Judged by Him

Judged By Him E-BOOK Front CoverThree weeks cruising the Mediterranean Sea in a luxury yacht with her husband takes submissive Gemma into an opulent world she never could have envisioned before she met Jason Lucas.

A voyage to locations across Southern Europe and opens up new arenas of kinky sex for Gemma as her Dominant lover continues to educate her sexual being.

Unknown to the couple, several members of the crew are not who they appear to be. Both Gemma and Jason Lucas’s lives will be turned upside down by their disclosures and Gemma’s submission to her Dominant will be tested.


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5* ARe:

Another excellent story from this author. I love the continuing story of Jason & Gemma from the previous two Trust Me books. Ms Peaches is on my automatic buy list. You can read as a stand alone story but personally I enjoyed having the back story of their relationship.

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  1. The front door bell?? Jaye, you’re killing me here lol. Wonderful hot excerpt. I suspect Jason knows how to rid the tension from both of them 🙂


  2. Hi Jaye, noooo don’t stop now! They were right there and then… the door bell?! Loved this snippet and hope that Jason and Gemma can go on where they were interrupted.



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