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WIPimage12Hello Wipsters to Wednesday’s WIP and I’m sharing an excerpt from Cherished by Him.

This is the last part of Gemma and Jason’s interrupted scene. Jason has been making up for lost time and both are keen to see things through to completion, even if Jason requires some humiliation along the way.


I arched my back, rocking back and forth, then I caught my reflection in the full-length mirror attached to the walk-in closet door. A vision of me, us. Bum up, head down with Jason kneeling behind me, playing with my butt. As I grunted, he grinned and thrust the plug in then back out again. My reflection managed to appear both ludicrous and erotic.

The plug suddenly went, eased out of me. We hadn’t finished, though.

“Keep grunting, little piggy, while I fuck you,” growled Jason.

His erection was hard as a scaffold pole, and I struggled to accommodate his thick cock. Then it happened. I thought of what he’d called me, what I’d become – his little piggy. An animal with an unfortunate reputation because they were quite sweet and cute when piglets. I had read countless farmyard stories to Joshua and the pink, stylised pigs illustrated on the cardboard pages were the images I used to visualise my submission. I was a pristine, pretty pink pig – a beautiful creature being fucked for the pleasure of one man.

I grunted enthusiastically. I discovered my way past the humiliation aspect. I had to be submissive and think of him, fucking his cute little porcine. I pushed back, meeting his slapping thighs and sucked him in deeper. When done right, anal sex was a winner for my libido. The ache in my hips, the pain in my kneecaps, all forgotten, substituted by sheer unadulterated sexual pleasure. Even without direct contact, my clit raged, clambering to reach a fiery resolution.

“Oh, Gemma, my little piggy,” he groaned. He let go of my waist, thrust hard, and I fell flat on my belly, squashing my breasts. Master didn’t seem to mind the piggy had lost her footing. He pinned my shoulders into the carpet, rose up then hurtled down, knocking the air out of me.

I whimpered, not through pain, but the electricity pulsating around my pussy. I wanted to slip my hand underneath, touch my clit. The frustration of being edged by my Dom grew, and I wanted to beg. I head butted the carpet.

My energy levels shattered, disintegrated in my desperate need to have completion. Jason’s enthusiasm remained unperturbed by sleepless nights and his boundless energy kept him hard, and able to hold off his orgasm, ensuring he drove me crazy with impatience.

“Thank you, Sir. Please…” I could not work out what to say to him. He’d forbidden me to beg, to plead.


I can’t hold it. The more he denied me, the stronger the ache to come, and I teetered on the brink, falling….


One word, and I dissolved about him, hollering, clawing at the carpet threads. My orgasm, a pulsating bedlam, which rippled on for a delicious eternity and in the midst of it, he spurted his load.

We’d achieve the perfect simultaneous climax because he had controlled me, rather than have me beg until I told him I was coming. He’d demonstrated his authority over my lust. Held hostage to his needs, from this time on, he truly owned my sexual being, I’d nothing left to give him. My orgasms were his to command, and I endeavoured to deliver them on cue or accept his denial.

I lay on the sticky towel while he filled the bath. We slipped in together, and he guided me down.

“Well done, babe. You almost asked.”

I leant against his chest. “It was a challenge, not being about to beg, not even being able to drop a hint.”

He chuckled, wringing out a cloth over my breasts. The water formed rivulets down my cleavage. “I can read your body. You tense up when you’re close to coming.”

“Oh.” Of course, he’d predicated my orgasm many times in the past.

Jason handed me the cloth. “We need to be quick, his lordship will wake up soon. Remember, every day you make those preparations. Don’t make the mistake again. It’s a ritual. It helps you maintain your submission, you know this, and unless you ask permission, you keep doing it regardless of circumstances. Don’t make it something I’m required to watch.”

I nodded. No way did I want him to observe me. “Yes, Sir. I will not forget again.”

“You didn’t forget. You chose not to; that is different.”

Chose not to, forgot, or ignored – those discrete nuances blurred into one for Jason. I ate my humble pie and avoided eye contact as I wiped the soap off his chest. “Yes, Master. I will swill myself out during my period. I only wish to please you.” I offered a twitchy smile. I wanted him to move on from lecturing me.

I meant it too. Unlike Wednesday, when my submissiveness took a grumpy holiday, on Sunday she was back in residence making both of us happy.


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12 thoughts on “#WipitUp – Playing the scene”

  1. I love this scene starts out in front of a mirror. The eroticism of being able to watch everything as it happens ♥
    I feel a bit better about Jason now, he made it as good for her as it was for him. I need to read the first two books, learn more about these two. This being book 3 it’s becoming clear they have a very tightly bonded and I get the feeling sometimes very intense relationship as Dom and sub.
    Great scene, Jaye ☺

    • Jason would never end a scene on a negative note. Yes, these two have been together for a few years and immersed in the BDSM scene before they met. I wanted to write about an established couple where the challenge is incorporating what they do in every day life. Very intense and sometimes things don’t go to plan, but that’s life too!
      Sex in front of a mirror is pretty erotic 🙂

    • I switched about when writing books. I go through 3rd person spells, then want a change. I know some readers don’t like it, others don’t mind. I think it depends on the plot and characters. Locking into one head doesn’t always work, other times it makes the difference.

  2. I love this scene Jaye, very hot! I felt sorry for Gemma in the earlier excerpts. Glad it worked out well for her 🙂


  3. I confess the piggy comments threw me. Not something I’d normally enjoy reading. (Maybe because I grew up on a real farm and pigs could never be sexy to me) You salvaged the scene through their dialogue and his aftercare. Well done.

    • Real farm animals are not the inspiration for this scene! Must be off putting 🙂 I don’t write humiliation play very often, I know some subs who like it, even if at the time they struggle.
      thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi Jaye, wow, Jason really plays Gemma. I enjoyed this, because it was such a sexy display of her submissiveness and something both could enjoy. Thank you for the snippet.



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