#WipItUp – A little foot worshipping

WIPimage12Welcome Wipsters to a little kinky foot play.  From one of my current works in progress, I’m amassing a few at the moment. Gemma has much on her mind and Jason has a cure for her stress – worship him.


I’d hunkered down on the floor of his study in the White House—not our usual house on a Friday—propped up on a pile of cushions with a fleecy blanket swathing my nudity, and ran through my scrawled checklists, repeating the order of events as if learning a mantra or ceremony. Do this, then that, make sure of this, tell somebody that. On and on, I mentally chanted my list of to-dos.

foot worshipEventually, Jason moved over from his desk to the Chesterfield couch to read a document, and I crawled over to lie at his feet. He took advantage of my prone body to prop his legs on my butt. I didn’t mind. Quite the contrary, I put my list down and revelled in the pressure of his feet. He burrowed his toes under the blanket, seeking out my flesh.

“Cold feet!”

“Warm them up for me then.” He didn’t shift his eyes from his reading. I shuffled around until I could touch his toes with my lips. I licked his big toe, slowly drawing my mouth around it then sucked. What once had been a challenge—foot worship—came naturally. Delicious, well-kept feet with trimmed nails and soft skin.

Licking my lips during a pause, I raised my head, hoping to catch a smile from him. “Warmer?”

He wriggled his other foot. “Only the big toe. The others are jealous.”

While his eyes never left the document, mine rolled upwards, and I stifled a giggle—more diversionary therapy. I sucked each toe in turn, ten little soldiers. When I’d finished, he rested his feet once more on my bottom, and I dismissed my lists, pushing the papers away. I had a familiar buzz swarming about my body, an expectation of more to come. Whatever distraction he had planned, I was ready for it. Lists be damned.


Cherished by Him E-BOOK Front Cover 400x600Gemma is seeking to fulfil her dream career – to own an art gallery. Aiding her in her endeavours is her Dominant, Jason, who continues to control her with his rules, shaping both her submission and their mutual desire for erotic kink.

While she struggles to accept her extra-ordinary marriage, her billionaire husband must deal with troublesome siblings and problems at work.

Just as she achieves her ambitions, a forgotten man re-appears. Gemma is about to discover the truth behind the memories haunting her.


Sublime Trust Volumes 1 & 2



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  1. Hi Jaye, I love this snippet. Gemma and Jason must have a lot of fun together and I am so sure that she cannot get enough of what he makes her do. This was a very intimate start and I hope that it develops into so much more. Thank you for sharing.



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