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Cherished by Him E-BOOK Front Cover 400x600It’s here! The final installment of Sublime Trust and the journey of Gemma and Jason come to a conclusion.

A billionaire has an easy life, right?

Jason is trying to survive a downturn in the business world with his usual flair. However, his family are making it harder for him.

One brother resorts to fists to make his point, another is having second thoughts about moving in with his girlfriend, his younger sister is in tears after her boyfriend drops a bombshell of an excuse and his wife is tying herself in knots over her new venture, and not forgetting his baby son who is busy trying to put things up his nose.

Money can’t fix everything and Jason can’t always rely on his dominant traits to see him through.  When he takes his wife and young son on a business trip to New York City, he hopes Gemma will provide him with good company. Unfortunately, her submission slips away and she sends him a text, jealously berating the time he spends with an employee. Returning home from a day’s work, he makes a decision.


After Jason had showered and changed, we ate in silence again. Beneath my poised exterior, I burst with the need to have him take me, do whatever he wanted with me.

Just do something, Jason!

He pushed his plate to one side. “You hate being neglected, don’t you?” He leaned back in his chair. “I’m used to being here alone. My little jogs with Eliza are as close to socialising as I get when I stay here. Contrary to what you make think, I don’t hang out with local Doms. I don’t do clubs or restaurants. I run, work, and eat. Oh, and I miss you, too.”

I looked at my half-eaten food, my shoulders sagging and appetite shot to pieces. I’d fucked up. Why had I sent the stupid text?

Charging out of the room, I headed to the bathroom sink and splashed water onto my hot face. Taking a deep breath, I went back to him. He remained at the dining room table fingering his untouched wine glass.

I knelt by his chair.

“Please, Master, resolve this. Please,” I implored. “I had a lovely day with Josh. We went to the zoo and a wonderful children’s museum. He missed you. I missed you. Being away from home, I’m rubbish at adapting. You can do it. I can’t.”

“What do you want me to do, Gemma? Beat the shit out of you? Fuck you to oblivion? Would either resolve this? You have been rude, discourteous to my colleague, and self-absorbed. I don’t need to spank you or have sex. I don’t need them when I’m here. I work and, if I’m lucky, I might watch a film or read for pleasure. That’s rare. I can’t believe you are jealous of Eliza. She’s not even my type, and it is insulting you think I would be interested in anyone but you.” He glanced down at me.

I shattered at the disappointment on his face. The physical pain in my belly and the anguish at his words tore me apart. “Then let me go home. Why am I here if you don’t want me or need me? I can’t do this, Jason. I’ve lost my submission.”

“I do need you. What I need is to come home to my wife at the end of the day, have her smile, and remind me why I work so hard. I haven’t the time or energy to feed your submission. I withdraw, as I am entitled to do. Consent works both ways. You’re going to do this yourself. I can’t maintain consistency on my own. Prove to me you can be submissive without my attention on you the whole time.” He scraped the chair back and left me for his study.

I remained on the floor, stunned. I couldn’t recall a time when Jason had shuttered his dominance, leaving me unguided. They hurt, both his words and withdrawal. It wasn’t a punishment. This wasn’t how Jason punished, but his consent mattered as much as mine. Withdrawing it left me speechless and confused.

I stood up, took a deep breath. The ball had rebounded back into my court. I had to find a way back to him and re-engage my Dominant, feed him my submission without him digging it out from where I’d buried it.

That night, I slept next to him, listened to his soft breathing and occasional murmur. Beneath his calm façade, lurked his own stresses and, much as I wanted to reach out and touch him, I held back. My neediness wouldn’t solve the problem. I had to start with the basics. This wasn’t about sex or kink. First, I had to reestablish service.


Gemma is seeking to fulfil her dream career – to own an art gallery. Aiding her in her endeavours is her Dominant, Jason, who continues to control her with his rules, shaping both her submission and their mutual desire for erotic kink.

While she struggles to accept her extra-ordinary marriage, her billionaire husband must deal with troublesome siblings and problems at work.

Just as she achieves her ambitions, a forgotten man re-appears. Gemma is about to discover the truth behind the memories haunting her.

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  1. Congratulations on the new release Jaye! Loved the excerpt, intense! Consent does work both ways and I love the last line!


  2. Hi Jaye, I loved the snippet. Roz is right, this is intense. The scene is not an easy one and being in such a situation must be awfully frustrating. Definitely on my TBR list, congratulations on the release of the final part. Awesome.



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