#SatSpanks – Spurred into action

Saturday SpankingsWelcome to Saturday Spankings!

I’m sharing a snippet from my latest book – Cherished by Him.
Gemma is waking up on the day of her gallery opening and Jason has a special responsibility for the day….


“I love this arse,” He slapped each buttock. “Tonight, this arse is going to make me rock hard. Turning it stripy is going to be heavenly.” Something for him to look forward to, as I rubbed my bum vigorously for a few seconds and quickly swung my legs out of bed in my haste to escape his teeth and pinching hands. He laughed as I dashed into the bathroom.

“You didn’t have to do that!” I sniped behind the safety of the locked door. “My alarm clock was about to go off.”

“I consider my job today is to spur you into action, keep you energised.”

I leaned against the door and breathed deeply. I couldn’t believe the day had finally arrived—my own gallery on public display. More deep breaths. A bitten bottom was the least of my worries.


Cherished by Him E-BOOK Front Cover 400x600Gemma is seeking to fulfil her dream career – to own an art gallery. Aiding her in her endeavours is her Dominant, Jason, who continues to control her with his rules, shaping both her submission and their mutual desire for erotic kink.

While she struggles to accept her extra-ordinary marriage, her billionaire husband must deal with troublesome siblings and problems at work.

Just as she achieves her ambitions, a forgotten man re-appears. Gemma is about to discover the truth behind the memories haunting her.

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18 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – Spurred into action”

  1. Ah, and there’s a mystery involved, too. I love the way Jason teases Gemma, and despite her protests to the contrary, I think she’s enjoying his special attention as well.

  2. Great fun snippet Jaye, loved this. Spur her into action indeed. Love how he teases her 🙂


  3. Hi Jaye, Gemma should protest for being woken up this way, but then again, I am sure when she’s fully awake, she’ll love his attention. Great snippet, thank you!



  4. Congratulations on the new release, Jaye. I wish you much success with it. and can i have someone wake me up that way every morning? Send him to me please!!!

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