Bend Over – #SpankAtoZ

Letter B of Spanking A-Z Challenge.

“Bend over.” The way he speaks has an immediate effect on my libido. I’m on fire for him, for his unquestioning dominance, and I obey without pausing.

ready and waitingI lean over the mattress and sink my hips into the soft pillow. My bottom is slightly raised. I fold my arms under my head and turn to face the wardrobe. I’m staring right at myself in the mirror. I can’t see Jeremy. He’s by my feet, but all I can see are my bottom and head. I shuffle my feet, anchoring my toes in the carpet fibres, making sure I’m comfortable, then close my eyes.

Jeremy strokes my arse. “Still quite red, but there’s no marks. We didn’t get that far, did we?”

“No, sir,” I reply.

Mastering Meg

Bend is more than a physical movement, it hints at something else, not forced or unwanted, but required, expected.

What is more sexy than a curved bottom, bent over and ready.


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