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Dominance and submission is the theme for my books, whether it is demonstrated with a spanking, bondage or other kind of kink, it is there in the background. Sometimes dominance expresses itself not through sex, but with a simple expectation of obedience on the part of the submissive. She is his to control, and the thrill comes with the satisfaction of knowing that she is experiencing life through his desires.

So for today, letter D of the Spanking A-Z Challenge is natural Dominance.

Gemma is reluctant to try out new things, especially food. Jason, her dominant husband, is more adventurous. While out exploring Ceuta on the north coast of Africa, she is expected to do as she is told, at all times.


They dined on another ethnic African meal. Delicate flavours, unusual ingredients, and a huge variety of fish. Jason made adventurous choices, trying out several small dishes. He pointed to one.

“This you should like, Miss Meat and Three Veg,” he teased.

“What is that?”

“Fish tagine. Made with fruit and spices.”

Jason poked another plate with his fork. “Kefta. Meatballs, like yesterday. Lamb over couscous.”

Gemma frowned and kept to the salads, recognisable dishes. She prodded another dish with trepidation.


“Pastilla. Like a meat pie. Except this one is fish filled.”

She screwed up her face, like a small, disgruntled child.

“Gemma, don’t judge by appearance. Put something in your mouth,” he berated. “You must be hungry. I want you to eat.”

“It’s just…. I know what I like, you know, pasta and rice dishes.”

feeding her“Shut your eyes. Go on, shut them,” he murmured, leaning towards her.

She did.

“Open your mouth. I’m going to feed you. You’re going to judge this food using your nose and tongue. Nothing else. Open!” he insisted.

With resignation, she parted her lips. She barely chewed the mouthful before swallowing quickly.

“No. Not like that, savour it.” He put the fork to her mouth again. “Well?”

The dish tasted fine. Flavours of ginger, honey, and citrus fruits. The fish, light and flaky. “Okay. I like that one.”

“It was tagine. Let’s try another.”

The meal progressed, and she tried each dish. She didn’t especially enjoy the pastilla but acknowledged the rest as quite nice.

“Mmmm nice. I provide you with new and exciting cuisine, and I get the ubiquitous nice,” he growled.

“All right. Delicious. There, happy?” She opened her eyes.

She thought his face showed delight, his white teeth visible, blue eyes sparkling, pleasing her greatly.

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  1. Great snippet Jaye. Love the end. Gemma is pleased because she has pleased Jason, not because she particularly enjoyed the food.


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