Erotica writing #SpankAtoZ

Today’s Spanking Challenge letter is E.

Erotica or erotic romance? What exactly is the difference? I don’t think many really know since it isn’t applied uniformly by any publishing platform.
The best difference I can devise is that if I took all the sex scenes out of an erotica book, what would be left would be so disjointed and insubstantial that nothing makes sense to the reader. On the other hand, take the sex scenes out of an erotic romance and the romance remains, something to pull you through the story.
Of course, that this is a simplistic view and it doesn’t hold up for every book since many writers, like myself, put a degree of romance into erotica. However, one thing is absolutely essential to both is graphic sexual content. Whether the sex itself is the storyline with the characters carrying the ‘burden’ of all that fornication, or the romantic plotting with steamy sex and the tension in the pairing, both have to be written well, which to an author is a constant challenge. It’s not easy putting an original spin on the dick in puss-y scenes.


bad sexHere are some examples of bad sex in literary (you know the stuff written by the ‘pros’) books:

Bad Sex Awards

Top 10 Worst sex scenes in modern literature

Famous books bad sex scenes


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6 thoughts on “Erotica writing #SpankAtoZ”

  1. LoL Jaye, these are so funny, definitely a turn off rather than turn on. Thanks for sharing and for the giggle 🙂


    • It’s a simplistic division, because the lines are very blurred, but it works for me. If you abridged your book, took out all the sex and spankings, would it still work as a story? That’s kind of how I do it.

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