Hi, I’m Jaye

Hi, I’m Jaye.

Of course, that’s not my real name. Like many erotica authors, I use a pen name, primarily to protect my identity as sadly not everyone is okay with this kind of sexy stuff. One day, Jaye might cease to be and it probably be because I’m chosen to retire her, but it also could be because I feel threatened and need to hide. Either way, it won’t be anything to do with my loyal readers. For the time being I’m here, busy writing.

What can I tell you about Jaye? Not much, as she’s a  little shy and surprisingly introverted given what she writes is explicit.

She’s married and has a family, but not a dog. Her lovely cat passed a while ago and she’s not replaced her. More on cats in a later post.

She’s analyst by training, but not into finance or chemistry; there are other specialist fields.

J is a middle initial.

She’s been writing fiction since a small child, and has the Brownie badge to prove it!  However, as she progressed into a technical field, she rather lost track of the writer. Being able to spend time doing this writing business is a joy, but she doesn’t know how long it will last.

Does she do those kinky things she writes about?  If she does, she’d never write about it here and if she doesn’t then she is blessed with a vivid imagination accentuated by wicked naughtiness.

She has a Kindle stashed away filled with smut.


Would I love to meet her readers in real-life… .yes, just to show I’m actually quite ordinary, the neighbour of many and unassuming in my appearance. Once upon a time, I would wear a tight leather skirt which showed my thighs, these days, I’m modest.

I live in England, near the sea, but not by it. I can hear seagulls some days. I grew up in the countryside. I’m not a city dweller.

I like to take a Kobo with me wherever I go, it’s something I can happily leave lying around for the kids to pick up.  I wish I had more time to read.

My desk is  an organised mess. I have the relics of one career out on the shelves, but in the cupboards out of sight, I have the other one, Jaye’s.  For most of the day, I act as Jaye, she’s not fake, but a part of the whole of me.  That’s what it’s like being an author, revealing parts but not the whole story.


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4 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Jaye”

  1. Nice to meet you Jaye 🙂 Enjoyed reading this and learning a little about you.


  2. Hi Jaye, I think I get you pretty well about the safety issues, because this has always been a topic for us here as well. Nevertheless, I hope it will be a very long time – and many awesome books later- before you decide to retire Jaye, and in addition I hope so much Jaye will only be retired for the best of reasons and not because of any horrible threats. Just thinking of this is scary and lets me cringe.
    I think having two so different kinds of careers sounds exciting. The one is only about facts I assume, and your second career as a writer has a lot of the opposite, because you can imagine all sorts of things there. I am glad that writing is a joy for you, and I hope so much that you’ll have that joy forever. Thank you for sharing this about you. 🙂



    • They are very different careers, although both involve an awful lot of words and creative thinking.
      I shall endeavour to keep writing!
      thank you for your kind words 🙂

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