#Satspanks – Asking for a spanking

Welcome to Saturday Spankings and a snippet from my latest book Viola’s Heart Strings.  Viola has experienced discipline from her husband, but he’s showing her that a spanking is more than that.


“Kneel back down as before.”

She moaned as he stroked her bared arse, caressing each globe with his warm palm.

“Is this what you need?” he asked, whispering his question in her ear. “It is time I gave you a spanking. One you will take pleasure in.”

“Yes, sir,” she sighed, clenching her pussy and feeling it drip her essence onto his probing fingers. The sensation built in side her and she was wound up and coiled ready to spring. “Please don’t stop.”

The soft caress continued to circle each lobe, then there was a cursory slap on one cheek, making her jolt. She felt little pain; nothing harsh or unpleasant, but what had he hit her with—not his hand, something else? A riding crop. She recognised the flat tip.

“Oh heavens above!” she shrieked, as he switched between strokes and swipes.


jaypeaches finalAfter a whirlwind courtship in Monaco, innocent Viola falls in love and marries enigmatic Sir Anton Valise. Following their honeymoon in France, she begins a new life at his estate in Dorset, England. Anton’s need for passionate, dominant love-making is haunted by memories of his first wife, Margot, and he fears his new wife will falter in her love for him if she does not remain obedient. To keep her loyal, the baronet introduces rules to aid Viola’s submission but suppresses his desire to spank her when she errs.

With nobody to befriend or trust, the lonely Viola overhears the hushed conversations of the servants discussing the beautiful Margot, whom died in mysterious circumstances, and she discovers secret rooms in the house, which unearth a side of Anton she had not imagined.

Viola fears Anton will never cease loving Margot and she is determined to keep him happy. Whenever Anton dominates her in the bedroom, she fantasizes about his wish to spank her, and it rouses her craving to submit to increasingly erotic sex until eventually, she commits an error of judgment and Anton is forced to impose his discipline upon her.

With tension between the couple rising, Anton and Viola’s relationship reaches a crisis point leading to Viola discovering a past filled with lies and pretences, above and below stairs.

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  1. Hi Jaye, this sounds delicious to me. 🙂 I love these moments and Anton knows pretty well what to do with her. Receiving this kind of spanking is awesome, Viola has been a very good girl. Lovely.



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