#MasturbationMonday – just a phone call away

Mmmmm….. Masturbation Monday happens to be M day, which is convenient. So here is a little masturbation combined with a self-spanking.

Gemma is away on business and staying in a hotel, while Jason is back at home pining for her. As her Dominant, although currently only in the bedroom, he is unperturbed by those restrictions, and tries to ‘persuade’ her to have some fun, just for him.


“You’re in the bath.” His matter-of-fact tone failed to reassure.

“How can you tell?” she quizzed, switching the phone to speaker.

“Your voice is echoing against the tiles.”

“I’m getting out in a minute as the water’s getting cold.”

“You’d better hurry up then, because I want you to do it in the bath.”

The water splashed as shot up straight. “Hurry up with what?”

“Oh don’t sound coy and innocent.”

Seriously, she wasn’t trying to be difficult. “I’m really tired, Jason….”

“Stop wasting time then and do as I ask.” Sharper tone. She couldn’t ignore it – he meant business.

She sought a defense, to buy herself time. Think sexy thoughts, quick. Big cocks, firm arse, hunky shoulders…. “I don’t remembering saying I would be submissive while I was away.”

“You want to come, you need my permission.  That makes you mine.” The one abiding rule: no orgasms without permission. If he commanded, she obeyed and that did the trick. She settled back. Was he stretched out on the bed, glass of wine in one hand, phone in the other? He had to have a hard on, surely?

“What makes you think I want to masturbate?” Her turn to toy with him.

“Because you’re insatiable and greedy.”

She was, but admitting it was never easy. “In your opinion. I’m very tempted to say I will if you will.” That wouldn’t be permitted – commanding him to perform. Oh no. She had to sing his tune. She giggled when his answer came.

“I should avoid being tempted then.”

“What if I say no?” Next up – outright defiance. She sank her hand underwater.

“I’ll ring you every hour until you do.”

Bloody hell, he would to!  She circled her clit, exciting it, sending out ripples of water. She didn’t notice the cold. “There was me thinking I wanted to masturbate, not you wanted me to.” She let out a slow exhale of fake resignation.

“That’s a big sigh.  In my opinion, that usually means you’re going to do what you’re told.” He knew her too well.

She shook her hand faster, sloshing the water about. “I need the sleep.” She yawned, forcing it out, then spread her legs.

“Gemma, why are you getting out of the bath?” He growled softly.

“I’m not. I was resting my legs on the edge of the bath.  Spreading wide, you know.  Are you missing me?” The argument was over. She wanted his companionship, his presence. She imagined him sat by the bathtub watching her tease herself. She slid her fingers down the groove, plying her finger inside.

“Of course.  It’s been a long day.  I like hearing your voice.” Now, he sound relaxed, confident. When she obeyed, he chilled and his voice would mellow until it had a husky flavour.

“I like hearing yours, too.” It had triggered what she needed from him – reassurance.

“I take it there are loads of men at this conference?” Now, for the interrogation, checking she was being a good girl.

It was hard to concentrate. Her wrist began to ache, her eyelids drooped – so close. “Basically yes… there are. Mmmm.  What do you expect?  It’s maths… computers.  Good looking…  men.”

“Are you masturbating while thinking of other men, Gemma?” The soft growl returned.

“No! The sound of your annoyed voice is what’s doing it for me,” she stirred up the sarcasm.

“Because if you flutter an eyelid at anyone, wiggle that arse of yours or lick your lips in the wrong way, I will spank you until your bum is purple.  Or maybe I might fig you and spank you.  I’m sure there is a good size ginger root in the kitchen.”

“Oh.  My….” How she loved a figging: the burning root plugged in her tight arsehole, his hand spanking her hard. Keep going!

“Are you listening to me?”

“Yes….  No…” Was she?

“Make up your mind.”


“Please what?”

“Please spank me.”

“Not possible over the phone, Gemma.  You’ll have to do it yourself.  Give that pussy of yours a good hard slap for me.”

“Yes, sir,” she moaned and slapped herself between her legs.

“I do like it when you go all subbie on me, especially when you were determined not to be.  My irresistible charisma is reaching all the way to Scotland.  That sounded like a good hard smack. Keep smacking and playing with yourself.”

For a while the only sound was Jason’s gentle cajoling and her self-inflicted spanking.

“I’m coming…” She held her breath and slipped deeper into the water. The water ceased to ripple,  but her orgasm built up to a whirlpool, sending her spiralling into the midst of it, unaware, uncaring, but deeply bound to the man on the phone.

“Please don’t drown in the bath, Gemma.  It would be such an unfortunate epitaph on your tombstone.  Drowned in a post-coital state.  Go to bed.  I’ll speak to you tomorrow.”

She laughed, jolting out of her stupor. “Okay.  Love you.”

“And I love you, babe.” He blew a kiss and she caught it.


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6 thoughts on “#MasturbationMonday – just a phone call away”

  1. Awesome excerpt Jaye. I love how determined Gemma was not to do it at the beginning and how Jason coaxed her into it.


  2. Hi Jaye, I love bathroom sex moments. Usually it would be the shower together with hubby, but Gemma in the bath tub is great. I agree with Roz. This develops so nicely from Gemma’s resistance to her getting off on the phone. Wonderful scene.



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