Naughty girls get spanked!

Naughtiness is today’s N word – a suitable one for a spanking challenge. Naughty girls get their bottoms spanked – a straightforward concept and one that should result in good behaviour. However, a kinky girl who likes to be spanked is going to be running into problems with a Dom who likes to be in control. She can’t be naughty all the time, he’ll get a bit pissed off.  There is a balance within a power exchange that needs to be understood. If spanking is purely about fun, then anything goes, but when she desires discipline and a measure of dominance, then he has to decide, not her. Easy? Not always.

masteringmegIn Mastering Meg I wrote about a young woman who enjoys spanking. She goes to parties, hangs about with others like her, so when she meets Jeremy, a Dominant who wants more than a red bottom, naughtiness becomes the issue. While Meg and Jeremy are out for a ‘getting to know you’ dinner, they have to decide what to do to master Meg’s naughty streak.


Nude-Buttocks-OTK-Hand-Spanking“I don’t know what you mean when you say you’re a brat. I get you want to be spanked and it makes you hot and sexy. I like spanking too, although it hasn’t been my main kink. I’m more of a control freak kind of guy. So, if you’re naughty with me, you get spanked.” He quaffs a mouthful of wine and his calmness makes me envious. I’m close to crawling under the table in a heap of nervous exhaustion. But, this is important, what I say to him now will dictate where we go next. I have to keep a clear head.

“Would that bother you? If I screwed up and showed you sass?” I start to regain my appetite and peck at my food with a fork.

“Probably.” He dips a chip into his tomato sauce, swirling it around on his plate, leaving a crimson pattern.

My shoulders sag. This isn’t going to work. I’m the wrong type for him. I will annoy him and give him attitude. I can’t stop myself sometimes.

He clears his throat and dunks another chip in the ketchup. “However, if you’re naughty, and I’m expecting it, that would be different.”

Expecting it? “I don’t understand.”

“Spanking turns you on. It is an erotic need, not one based on the need for real punishments. So, if you like, we could try to keep it sexual in nature.”

“How?” My curiosity is ramping up, because I like what he’s saying. Perhaps we could be good for each other. I’m flitting back and forth between mental states—sucked into his words, they’re shaping my thinking, but I’m trying to stay cautious, realistic. A good dom doesn’t just land on your plate with an all-you-can-eat tag.

“I give you a task. Something impossible for you to achieve. I’ll know it. You’ll know it, but with it comes the expectation that naughty Meg will have her butt spanked if she fails.”

My pussy clenches tight, an immediate, spontaneous reaction to his scenario building. “You’re okay with this, mister control freak?”

“Yes, because I still control the task and the outcome.”

I’m back up again, buzzing with excitement at his idea. “Where will this take us?”

He puts down his fork and reaches over to my hand, drawing it across the table, trapping it between his own. He squeezes my clammy palm.

“You’re nervous. Wet too, I should think.” He hasn’t answered my question.

Hot blood rushes to my face. I am dripping below and the imagery developing in my mind is the trigger for my lust. I picture the dental chair, me bent over it, him…

I snatch a breath. “Yes.”

“Tell me,” he orders and I can’t resist the tone of his voice. I lean forward and whisper a few sentences, and as I slide back in my seat, he catches my lips, brushing them with his own, but it isn’t a kiss, more of a caress. “I would like that, too. It would mean you have to give your consent; we’re going beyond a spanking and we must play safe.”


If you get spanked, is it part of your dynamic or is it purely for fun?


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5 thoughts on “Naughty girls get spanked!”

  1. Great scene Jaye, love how well Jeremy knows her desires and that he comes up with a solution that will satisfy both of them. Our spankings used to be for discipline, fun and role affirmation but now mainly for fun.


  2. Hi Jaye, great scene, I love that they find a way to make this work. I used to get both, discipline and fun spankings, though they are distinctly different, no chance to mix up which one is punishment. Next year I’ll hope to get some good girl fun spankings again. 🙂

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