Oodles of Ouches

Today is an O day, meaning ow, ouch, argh and a stream of curses. Not forgetting no, stop it and different forms of  I’ll be good now.

Yes, it’s all about the cacophony of what comes out of the mouth during a spanking and they often set the tone of the scene. Going overboard with exclamations is rather akin to throwing in a plethora of whacks and smacks, and before you know it, it’s like the old style Batman and Robin.


If by the end of the scene, I’ve littered the dialogue with only the syllables of pain, then I’ve probably not added much to the occasion.

batman spanksBest keep the ouches minimal and decisive. That first swipe of the cane or paddle, then maybe when it becomes too much and the tears arrive.

There are lots of ways of making sound illustrate the action:

Viola emitted a scream, which wasn’t from terror or fear, nor was it tortured in nature. Instead, it was brief and followed by a strange giggle. Outside the hut, birds squawked, taking flight.

Her unabated noises continued, varying between cries of frustration to shrieks of delight. The sounds undulated about the room, resonated out of her mouth and into the night sky. Eventually, they were accompanied by grunts of frantic exertions and Anton’s cry of ecstasy, followed by perfect silence. He had finished.

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