#Satspanks – The Swish of the Cane

Happy Father’s Day and welcome to Saturday Spankings and a difficult punishment for poor Viola.

She lied, hid the truth and allowed another to take the blame. If only her husband wasn’t quite the disciplinarian, she might not be facing the cane.  She’s nervous, as it’s her first time bent over, so he’s taking his time to help her prepare.


The caress calmed her slightly, held back her nausea and waves of panic. “You will count for me, Viola.”

Behind her exposed bottom, she heard the swish of his cane. Anton stood to one side of the table and flexed it back and forth between his hands. He had rolled his sleeves up, stood with his legs apart and back straight. Such an unyielding face had fallen upon him. She contrasted his assured stance against her own trembling body: Viola couldn’t stop gazing at him, observing his preparations.

With each waiting second, Viola tried not to fidget but failed: her buttocks, shaped over the edge of the table, flinched; her thigh and calf muscles rippled nervously and her bare pussy slit twitched with strange excitement. Something about her predicament both enticed and terrified her.


jaypeaches finalAfter a chance meeting, young Viola Pritchard finds herself married to the enigmatic Sir Anton Valise. The innocent Viola falls fast for her new husband. She loves him and only wishes to please him and be the wife he wishes her to be. She’s surprised to find that she craves Anton’s passionate and dominant lovemaking, and even lusts for him to take her in more erotic ways.

Determined not to repeat mistakes from his past, Anton tries to keep Viola at a distance. Her sweet submission and unflagging loyalty prove to be his weakness. The baronet introduces rules to ensure his new wife will remain obedient, not trusting that her intentions could be so pure.

When Viola discovers a series of secret rooms and a diary left behind by Anton’s late wife, she unearths a chilling mystery. With tension between the couple rising, Anton and Viola’s relationship reaches a crisis point. Can Viola crack the armor around her baronet’s safely guarded heart?

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17 thoughts on “#Satspanks – The Swish of the Cane”

  1. Wow! Her first spanking and he’s using the cane? He is strict! Though I’m pleased she’s at least a little excited about her predicament and not so scared she loses control. It can happen…. Great snippet, Jaye.

  2. Hi Jaye, is it possible that she does not really know what will happen next? On the other hand, Viola could be far more of a spanko than she knows. Well, her body does know, obviously 🙂 I love this snippet, thank you for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Father’s Day is not too much work for you. It is a sort of family day after all, isn’t it? 🙂



  3. The waiting is always the worst… and best. Well done capturing the emotions of the moment.

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