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Here is my spanking challenges A-Z  letter R, my recommendations, for Father’s Day?  Well, maybe 🙂

This is about sharing the books I love to read. Not all of them, and just because I haven’t mentioned every title, doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them or wouldn’t recommend them. I’ve picked those books I think capture the author’s style and in doing so would encourage others to try out one and go from there.

I’ve not written reviews as such, just a few lines about each book to tempt. In no particular order or ranking. That being said, they’re all kinky in some way, whether it is spanking, BDSM or an alpha male character, they’re sexually explicit and deliciously erotic and sensual…. my kind of book.

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Captive mine Captive, Mine Natasha Knight and Trent Evans Gritty, dark erotica – an uncompromising affair between a rogue bodyguard and the daughter of a drug dealer. Hot, sexy and daring.
His girl his rules His Girl, His Rules Morganna Williams Fun Glory while researching her latest erotic novel meets Gabriel, SWAT commander, and the pairing is magic with sexy Glory quickly finding out what happens to naughty girls who break the rules.
cassie and the fire captain Cassie and the Fire Captain Katherine Deane Cassie falls for the new fire Captain, who turns out to have his own special way of handling women. Sweet spanking romance and beautifully told.
rescued by the buccaneer Rescued by the Buccaneer Normandie Alleman Not only rescued but marooned on a tropical island – need I say more?  A sexy historical pirate romance with plenty of spankings and bondage.
i am a dominant I Am A Dominant James Collier and Maggie Carpenter A sexy journey told through the eyes of a real-life Dominant, this book is a wonderful collection of encounters with submissives. Particularly memorial – the brat who gets spanked in public during a visit to Paris.
faith Faith Ashe Barker Tragedy strikes and Faith has lost her husband, her neighbour Ewan has lost his lover. The two then discover secrets about each other before finally unearthing the truth behind the accident that brought them together.
given to the savage Given to the Savage Natasha Knight A breeder story set in a fictional world where only select women can bear children. When Rowan is given to a savage, she learns that he is not what he seems. This books takes you from harsh discipline and medical examination to tender love and rebellion.
humbled Humbled Renee Rose Set during the French Revolution, aristocrat Corinne escapes from France with the help of a silversmith who plans to start a new life in America. She tests Jean-Claude, resulting in several spankings before she learns to live as a commoner.
his lordships apprentice His Lordship’s Apprentice Etta Stark Wonderful Victorian romance set in a magician’s household. Starting out as the maid, Violet goes on to be Lord Hardcastle’s assistant before tempting his heart. Plenty of disciplinary activity too!
darkening The Dark Side trilogy Ashe Barker A shy musician, Eva, accepts a post as a teacher to an architect’s daughter. She literally crashes into Nathan Darke when she arrives at his Yorkshire retreat. Three books, an intense D/s relationship and a great sexy read.
yes doctor Yes, Doctor Darling Adams / Renee Rose Medical play romp featuring an exacting dom doctor and a sassy nurse who loves his particular kind of examinations.
This Man This Man Jodi Ellen Malpas Eva is an interior designer who is given the task of working with playboy Jesse Ward, but the man has a dangerous edge to him and she fears he will overwhelm her with his controlling ways. This trilogy unfurls a tense relationship. Not a snappy read, but very erotic and needs to be read to the end to understand Jesse’s behaviour.
Theirs to take Theirs to Take Natasha Knight Two brothers exact revenge on a trafficker by kidnapping his girlfriend. However, Syn and Gabriel can’t resist Eva and she in turn finds her captors very captivating!
pleasure bay Pleasure Bay Maddie Taylor & Melody Parks Three guests arrive at an exclusive island to enjoy a weekend of erotic pleasure. What awaits them is plenty kinky fun and unexpected romance. Meanwhile, the resort’s owner is coming to terms with his own desires. Lots of hot sex!
Alpha's hunger The Alpha’s Hunger Renee Rose A shapeshifter CEO falls for his new assistant, who quickly becomes embroiled in a kidnapping. Unsure whether to trust each other, their mutual attraction persuades them to work together to solve a mystery. However, Ben can’t resist Ashley and he fears that if has sex with her, he might harm her. An imaginative portrayal of the paranormal world of shapeshifters with a  great plot and plenty of spankings.  Simply a hot read!
owning his bride Owning his Bride Sue Lyndon Poor captive Becca’s future is bleak when the warden of the prison takes a fancy to her. Facing a life of abused from him, she is rescued from her fate by another prison officer, Hunter, who takes her under his wing, and his firm hand, to a new life on another planet. A swift passionate Sci-Fi romance with sex and spankings to keep the page turning.
diary of a submissive woman The Diary of a Submissive Sophie Morgan The re-counting of a real-life submissive attempt to meet the right dominant, including all the ups and downs. Less of a romance, more of a journal, this will open your eyes to D/s in the raw.



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  1. Wonderful list of books Jaye. Thank you for the recommendations. I am familiar with or have read some of these but not all. I will email you 🙂


  2. Hi Jaye, great recommendations, I know the authors, but have only read a few of these titles yet. My list of TBR is already endless, but it seems it will keep growing. 🙂 Thank you for the recommendations.



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