It’s all about the undies

They get yanked, pulled, shredded, or whipped off.  They can slither down, become entangled around ankles or only make it as far as the knees. Made to be lacy or seamlessly smooth, bikini, thong, high leg or low. Once upon a time, they were bloomers, drawers or knickerbockers. Confusingly they’re panties in one place, knickers in another, but fortunately underwear everywhere.

Yes, welcome to the undie post. Here are a few to illustrate…

Initially, when he yanked down her drawers, she had been grateful he hadn’t followed up his intimate undressing with further explorations or possible smacks of his hand

Viola’s Heart Strings


knee length socksWith ticklish fingers, he draws my panties up over my buttocks and unveils my lobes. Between my cheeks, in my crack, the gusset tightens, driven into my wet place.

Mastering Meg


knickers down 2A flush of hot blood hit Lysa’s face. Was it the compliment or the idea of him smacking her butt with the paddle that made her blush? Now, she wished she wore panties, because her body’s response to his shopping spree had tipped her over the brink of sensible thoughts. She sensed her wetness and prayed he didn’t think to stuff his hand up there to check her readiness. Why, why, why did she feel so aroused?

Bound by Her Promise


knickers downLeah’s quivering hands went back up her skirt, seeking out the edge of her knickers. Slightly frilly ones with a lacy pattern, she drew them down. The crotch would be wet. She didn’t want him to see it, so as she lifted her feet out, she scrunched the knickers up tightly into a ball

– Driven Wild


director knickersAs she bent over, her bottom poked out of the drawers. With his fingertips, he separated the covering farther, as if he was parting drapes, until her bottom was fully exposed. With a hand on each lobe, he squeezed hard.

Alice and the Colonel


embracingThey took turns to undress, helping each other with buttons and zippers, sliding trousers and skirts down legs until they reached their underwear.

“Sexy,” commented Adam on her matching lacy bra and knickers. “Superfluous, though, to my requirements.”



waiting 2His fingers gripping her above the elbow, he propelled her towards one of the armchairs. Bending her over, he pulled her knickers down and her skirt up over her head. She was resting at the perfect height for a thorough spanking; therefore, he gave her one

Judged by Him


ass1It took some effort to peel them away from the thong, and he let out a chortle. “My, my. They’ve practically disappeared up you. Sopping wet pink panties.”

Taught to Serve




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