The penultimate post is about You!

The A-Z Spanking Challenge is coming to an end. I’ve this and tomorrow’s post and then I shall ease back until my next book launch… more on that later in the week.

Today my Y is You, my blog readers. How many you number, I’m not sure, although I have nearly 900 subscribers (let’s see if I can reach 1000 soon), there are many others who drop by or possibly subscribe through other channels.  Whether you are a loyal follower or a one-off visitor, this blog wouldn’t exist without you, the reader.

If you’re a fan of erotica, spanking, kink or vanilla, I hope there is something here for you to enjoy reading. Please remember to check out my books, although not free, they’re excellent value for money!

This blog is currently hosted by WordPress and I’m investigating moving it to self-hosting, which gives me more flexibility and hopefully allows me to circumvent WordPress Mature Content blockade. So, if I should move, and you can’t find me, then I can be found at, but hopefully I’ll be able to take all my subscribers with me without anyone having to re-subscribe.

There is always my Facebook page and Newsletter, too!

The summer has arrived here in the UK, we’re always a little late to the party and with it a quiet spell as I put my feet up and catch up on reading.

Don’t forget to check out the other participants of the blog hop.

4 thoughts on “The penultimate post is about You!”

  1. I always enjoy visiting here and love your writing Jaye and will definitely follow your blog to its new home should you move. I have been enjoying reading your A – Z posts.


  2. Hi Jaye, hehe, I am a fan of erotica, spanking, kink and vanilla, so I will definitely follow you to your own homepage, if you wanted to move. What is this mature content blog of wordpress? Is it something new?
    I am glad that summer has arrived for you as well, ours has finally started with awesome weather too (hammock time). Wishing you a relaxed time with great books.



    • Mature content is the equivalent of Blogger’s adult warning, except it isn’t visible and can’t be changed by the blogger. It means my posts are harder to find.
      Summer is baking hot today. Enjoy your hammock time. Thank you for all your comments.

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