Z is for Zoo! #SpankAtoZ

Hello and welcome to my friend Ashe Barker, who has kindly found a Z for me. This post wraps up the fantastic A-Z Spanking Challenge. I hope you’re enjoyed it as much as me.


SONY DSCA motorist driving along the A590 in Cumbria, northern England, the main road from Kendal to Barrow-in Furness, might be forgiven for doing a double take if they were to glance at the hillside to their right.

The Cumbrian mountains are a stunning sight at any time, but don’t normally offer a habitat to herds of rhinoceros or giraffe, not to mention a troop of baboons. But there they all are, ambling quietly across the hillside, oblivious to the passing traffic. It could almost be the Serengeti national park, although that would no doubt be sunnier.

But this is the Lake District, and more specifically the South Lakes Wild Animal Park where animals roam freely in huge enclosures. Rhino do share their home here with giraffe and baboons, as the traffic whizzes past below them. This is one of my favourite zoos. I’m a frequent visitor there and I love the up close and personal aspect, the mingling of species in the acres of walk-through habitats.



Never one to waste a decent setting I have used this zoo as a location in several of my stories. It is where Dan and Summer first meet in A Richness of Swallows, and he suggests he might spank her. His generous offer is not well received, sadly, though Summer does come to her senses eventually. It’s also the place where Nick Hardisty and Freya come for a heart to heart in The Hardest Word. You can sort out a lot of angst whilst watching penguins waddle around, or lions dozing in the sun. I do recommend it.


Here are a few pictures of some of my favourite residents.

baboons penguins lions Giraffes and rhinos







And finally, before we all go our separate ways again, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Spanking A-Z. I know all of us authors have, though it’s been hard work at times. Many, many thanks to Spanking Romance Reviews and to Celeste Jones who organised the whole shebang. See you next year.




3 thoughts on “Z is for Zoo! #SpankAtoZ”

  1. I enjoyed this post Ashe and would love to be able to visit the animal park.

    Congratulations Jaye on completing the A – Z challenge. I enjoyed reading all of your posts.


  2. Hi Jaye, hi Ashe, somehow the zoo sounds like a place of serenity, which is wonderful. I also would love to see that place. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on completing the challenge. I can only imagine how much work and effort it must have been at times, but I am glad you participated. I loved reading so many different posts about so different topics. Thank you!



  3. Thanks for all your posts. As a Brit I feel a little embarrassed that I have never heard of the wild animal park in the Lake District that Ashe talks about. I must go and visit it. Well done on getting to Z. Now have a rest!

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